The Happiest Place on Earth

on wednesday, we spent the entire day at disneyland and california adventure. 

funny faces were made on the rides. if i could have benets and mint julep every day, i would. on pirates of the carribean, captain jack sparrow could pass as a live person. i hate snakes, i hate em! we laughed over so many things and experienced getting soaking wet...too bad we didn't have the sense to bring ponchos like everyone else. soarin' over california was breathtaking and the smell of orange blossoms is my favorite in the world. the little kid rides are just as much fun when you are older. purchasing mouse ears is an absolute must. 

after ten years, i was able to appreciate the atmosphere of disneyland and just simply being there. i love that we didn't feel rushed or like we had to hit every ride [don't worry, we rode on all of the important ones] and i just felt really happy to be there all day long. world of color was absolutely spectacular and mind blowing...just chill inducing [it basically made the park hopper pass completely worth it]. 

around 11:45 PM, we started to slowly get ready to leave and we walked through the castle one more time toward main street. as we were walking through the castle and i looked at all of the gorgeous lights, "when you wish upon a star" started to play and it made me start to tear up. it reminded me of all of the wishes and dreams i have had come true in my life and i felt a renewed sense of happiness and hope in all of my hopes and dreams that are yet to come true. 

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. - Walt Disney 

{just ignore my squinty super happy smile}

{splash mountain}

{tower of terror}

{psi sign...bahahaha}

{chewbacca is the greatest fashion accessory}


  1. the tower of terror picture is priceless!

  2. this reminds me of thanksgiving! i went to disneyland with my family this year and now all i can think about are those churros.
    xx jes


  3. Epic pictures from the rides! ha ha Oh man I want to go back to Disneyland one day...one day!

  4. Catherine do you realize how adorable you are? You look amazing in those pants. I love it.

  5. ahhh disneyland!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE that place. probably more than any 22 year old girl should. please tell me you rode space mountain at least a billion times and had a dole whip every 2 hours.


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