i think this has been a fun idea popping up and a few friends have tagged me, so here it goes!

to preface this...i don't know why, but it was super hard for me to do this. maybe it was writer's block or maybe it's my crazy brain before spring break or maybe it is because at times, i feel like this whole blog should be called "random facts about catherine with some happiness, mishaps, quotes, and the occasional narrative", but that's just a mouthful plus don't you think my blog header would look hideous and cluttered with that many words in it? :)  so i apologize if you already know these things or if they do not seem to have enough pizazz compared to the other posts you are reading. :)

picture of self.

{this is my after-studying-for-hours look. 
so hot right now.}

eleven random facts.

1. i can't whistle or wink.  maybe i should continue to work on those two or do this.

2. at a basketball game during my senior year of high school, i was told by one of my good guy friends that he had no idea i was this into sports and that he felt a little embarrassed standing next to me. please, dan. it's the student section and i was not anywhere near "out-of-control". but i do get super excited about basketball games and football games as in losing-my-voice-screaming-jumping-up-and-down-high-fives-all-around kind of excited. blame it on the newman in me.

3. i speak in accents. a lot. just ask my family or close friends. once when i was conducting relief society, i almost pulled out one of the accents, but i cleverly cleared my throat and put a stop to it before i could embarrass myself.

4. speaking of embarrassing myself, my two most embarrassing stories involve the following things: "food smells", a garbage can, a fleece jacket, christmas tree hunting, home depot, and a security guard (i promise i'm not some kind of juvenile delinquent). that's all you really ever need to know about those stories.

5. the cookie or the donut or the brownie must always be dunked in (skim) milk...at least once and not to the point of complete sogginess.

6. my dreams usually either consist of some weird long chain of conversations with people while being trapped at somewhere (like my building at school or like being trapped at smith's marketplace during a blizzard and talking to lucius malfoy who had a whole cart full of eggs and bacon) or my dreams are of me talking to and/or going on dates with my celebrity crushes. i love the celebrity crush dreams...no offense, lucius.

7. speaking of celebrity crushes, i can't get enough of the "hey girl" ryan gosling memes. they get me. every. time. i know it's easy to get me to laugh, but laughing about something like these...might just be a little embarrassing. but what's more embarrassing? a pinterest board for ryan gosling. ooops. whatever, i don't care.

8. i don't like the game "two truths and a lie" because, one, playing this with strangers is the most awkward thing in the world. you find out things that you never want to know were true about that person, so i trick myself into thinking they are all lies. and two, when it gets to be my turn, i have no idea how to lie about myself...so i end up making up something completely ridiculous that could never happen to anyone and i immediately lose the game.

9. i have never been out of the country. better get on that.

10. i have never broken a bone. better not get on that.

11. i think i have an obsession with writing my name. thomas and i filled up two sheets of paper the other night with writing our signatures. and when i study my notes for tests, almost every page has a little doodle with my name in cursive. i promise i'm not narcissistic.

eleven questions.

1. who is your favorite super hero and why?
toss up between batman and iron man. i am super excited for the dark knight rises...like it induces chills when i watch the trailer. i feel like the avengers looks like it's going to be ultra cheesy and i didn't really like the second iron man compared to the first iron man...but i definitely love me some robert downey, jr.

2. if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
a little town called london, england. or any of these places.

3. where do you get most of your clothes?
oh boy. probably gap, old navy, target, and j.crew. some macy's, tjmaxx, and f21 mixed in there too.

4. winter, spring, summer, or fall?
i would have to say fall, because in utah, it embodies the right amount of every season. warm, sunny days...but not sweltering hot. trees changing color. rain. sometimes an early snowfall or two. fall just makes me happy.

5. cat or dog?
definitely dog. when i was little, i always wanted to have a big golden retriever when i was older and had a family of my own. but now, my heart belongs to black miniature schnauzers.

6. 2. where is your favorite place to be?
carmel-by-the-sea, california. heaven on earth.

7. comedy or drama?
depends on my mood...but probably a comedy. i'd rather laugh than cry.

8. where would your ideal place to settle down with your family be someday?
if i lived in utah, i absolutely love holladay. but if i had to live out of state, i would want to live in washington (state) or virginia (just outside of washington dc).

9. favorite treat?
frozen hot chocolate

10. what is your favorite way to pass the time?/what is your idea of a relaxing day?
waking up early, going for a run in the mountains, make a delicious breakfast, going on an outing with my family or getting lunch and a pedicure with a friend, make a delicious dinner, watching a movie, and going to bed.

11. what is your dream job?
lucky for me, being a speech pathologist is my dream job! it combines my love of teaching with my love of anything in the medical field perfectly. i am absolutely thrilled that one day i will be able to help people learn strategies to communicate more effectively whether they stutter or they have had a traumatic brain injury. but i have mentioned before that if that falls through, i'd be a great iTunes essential playlist maker. :)

comment with a link to your "eleven//eleven" if you have already done one or go ahead and write one up...i know i have plenty of friends who haven't done it yet, so do it! :)

what a fun way to get to know each other!!

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  1. hahaaa there's a boy in my research methods class that writes his signature everywhere too
    he says he's practicing
    there are literally 5 pages in a row


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