Corona del Mar

After having such a huge day at Disneyland and California Adventure, Thursday was our relax-at-the-beach day. We went to Corona del Mar, had a nice simple lunch, and relaxed in the sun. Afterward, we spent time looking through shops at Laguna and we had some really great chocolate from a cute little store called the Chocolate Soldier. We came back and played with the kids, listened to Disney music, and looked through pictures. That night, we drove to the Spectrum for some CPK for dinner, then we walked around this fun outdoor mall and shopped for a little bit. It was just a simple and happy day. When we came home that night, we felt so worn out that Katie, Holly & I fell asleep within the first fifteen minutes of Sabrina. That's when you know you are truly tired.

Now and then, it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.
-Guillaume Apollinaire-


  1. those sandals are to die for!

  2. southern california (and these pictures) look beautiful!
    oh how i miss that warm sunshine.
    xx jes

  3. ahh. you two are so dang cute. i adore these pictures.


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