the bright spot of the week was actually tuesday.

i was really dreading everything on tuesday of this week. tuesdays are usually my longest days this semester with a combination of working really early in the morning, doing research in the afternoon, and then...some kind of honors society meeting/activity and/or studying...so then i am  not getting home until pretty late for starting the day so early. i had all four of these things and i have felt really sick for the past week (weird ear problems with vertigo and nausea which led me to go to instacare late monday night), so i was feeling extra tired and really not looking forward to waking up in the wee small hours of tuesday morning. however, tuesday rolls around and i actually woke up feeling refreshed and was ready for work quickly. i came into work and found out we were going to lion house for breakfast to celebrate finishing one of our projects and i received a raise (which i totally didn't expect at all and i feel truly so so so incredibly grateful for it!). in the afternoon, i went to a research retreat at the hospital and it made me feel so happy to be at my university, studying what i am studying and on the path to doing what i'm going to be doing in life. i met some really amazing people and heard about some really neat studies and advances in medicine. i got home between nine and ten after honors society schtuff and writing a paper, then studying for a test. awaiting me on the kitchen table was something lovely. my neighbor had brought me a really sweet note and a pot with three huge bulbs which turned into beautiful pink hyacinths that smell amazing. i had a lot of good things happen on tuesday of this week...just when i needed them the most and i felt so extremely grateful and humbled that i have a Heavenly Father that cares about me enough to send me these little "love notes" and tender mercies at the perfect time. tuesday ended up being filled with bright spots of this week!

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  1. how nice of your neighbor!
    hope you feel better!


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