friday: temple after work + mikado for dinner + finishing (and crying about) mockingjay

saturday: free GRE test & prep for hours + homework + chipotle, playing nba 2k12 on the wii, and watching nba all stars with thomas (jeremy evans...way to represent the jazz!! watch one of his amazing dunks here) + shopping with hope and getting my favorite black & white cookies from sweet tooth fairy (look to the cookie, elaine! look to the cookie!)

after shopping we tried to start watching downton abbey when we got home, but we kept getting distracted, especially by the weird categories netflix had come up with for us. wait, how come our taste preferences say we like visually striking cerebral thrillers (what a mouthful) and how are veggie tales and care bears on our netflix and HOW are they in the sci-fi/fantasy section???? what the weird.

[sorry, no pictures for today]

sunday: church+delicious stew for dinner+elder david a. bednar fireside

as good as this weekend has been, nothing compared to feeling so much peace and comfort after going to the temple, going to church, and going to the fireside with elder bednar tonight. it was such an amazing experience to hear his insights and shake his hand and look him in the eye afterward.

what did you do this weekend?


  1. sounds like a great weekend catherine!! i love those black and white cookies, they are heavenly.

  2. mockingjay made me so angry.
    so so angry.
    i was not a fan.
    the first was my favorite


Thanks for making my day!

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