Two: Things I Love About My Brother

It was the summer I turned seven that my mom told my little sister and I that we were going to have another sibling. I remember being elated, but I was really secretly hoping that we would get another sister. I had so much fun with my little sister, Hope, and I wanted another sister to play Barbies and house and dress up with. A few months later, we were at Trolley Square walking around when my parents told us that we would be having a little brother. Hope was very little at the time, probably 20 months old, but I was old enough to be secretly upset about this. I had wished for a brother and a sister for such a long time and looking back, I'm not sure why I was upset, but I was.

Those feelings completely vanished as it got closer to when Thomas was born. I remember waking up 13 years ago and my neighbor, Pauline, was at our house and Thomas was going to be born soon. The night before, I remember sitting with my mom in our living room and feeling my little brother start to kick and I knew that my brother would come the next day. Pauline took me to school and I sat, squirming at my desk all day and wondering if I had a little brother yet. I told my whole second grade class how excited I was and I ran all the way home from school. I walked into Pauline's house, Hope was eating fruit loops and watching Arthur, and my dad was on the phone with Pauline. Pauline handed me the phone and my dad told me that my little brother was born at 2:37 P.M. I could hear Thomas crying in the background and I was so excited! My grandparents came and picked us up from Pauline's house and we headed over to the hospital to see our little brother. Hope and I could hardly stand it. We rushed into the room and my dad went to go get Thomas. I remember everyone telling me that I had to sit in the arm chair and be very still and support his tiny head. I had already done this before with Hope and I knew I was a pro at it, but I tried to contain my excitement and sit very still. Finally, my dad came back with Thomas and I was able to hold my sweet baby brother. I remember feeling the sweetest feelings of love and happiness as I sat there looking down at this little boy. I remember crying about how handsome he was and how lucky I felt to have a little brother. I feel lucky every day to have a brother like Thomas. He has always been so handsome and one of the most sweet boys you will ever know. I just love him so much!

I know I posted something like this a while ago {here}, but he's growing up so fast and I can always talk about things I love about Thomas.

Things I Love About My 13 Year Old Brother:

-Hearing phrases like "Guys, I think my voice is getting deeper." "Look at my muscles. Just look at them." and "Do you think I have a mustache?"
-Having him give me a big hug and then he'll just go limp and start to snore really loud in my ear. He's just about my height now, so I almost fall over every time he does this....but it's always hilarious.
-Going to his basketball games and cheering him on. He's an incredible basketball player.
-Watching sports and action movies with him
-His Willy Wonka impression with his braces when he eats candy. I die every time. We told him that if he still has braces by Halloween this year, he has to be Young Willy Wonka for Halloween.
-He's very observant and detail oriented. "I'm like Shawn Spencer."
-Going on "brother-sister" dates with him (which usually entails burrito bowls at Chipotle and either going to a movie or watching Monk or Psych at home). These are some of my favorite "dates" and it always makes me feel good when he says thanks and that he loves to spend time with me.
-Hearing him rattle off facts about everything. This kid is smart. He knows about cars, sports, space, politics, weather. You name it, he knows it.
-If you can't tell, he's hilarious. He always knows how to make me laugh and he is probably one of the funniest people I will ever know.
-He is one of the hardest working 13 year olds you will ever meet. He helps my dad around the house and yard with everything and he's learning how to do and fix a lot of stuff. When our 50' pine fell in the windstorm in December, he helped my dad chop all of it down and haul all of the wood. That was not an easy job and he really did a lot to help my dad.
-He is really faithful. He lives what he believes and he's such a great example to his friends at school and to me!

It has been so fun for me to be the oldest in my family and watch my sister and brother grow up. I love both of them so much and it has been fun to experience things with both of them. This morning as we were eating breakfast and getting ready to go to work and school, we all told our handsome, older looking brother "Happy Birthday!" and then Hope said, "Thomas, it is so fun having a brother. I love you." 
And I couldn't agree more.

 {Carmel Beach, July 2007}

Happy Birthday, Thomas!
Love you to the moon and back!


  1. so sweet, little brothers are the best.

  2. such a sweet post.
    he sounds like a trip!

  3. So cute! I am loving this series.


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