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People, guess who is here today?

Alycia from Crowley Party!!

I am so thrilled that she will be posting today and I have loved reading her fun blog since I began blogging and found out she was a fellow Utah Ute :) She is just adorable and always has something good to say. This post is no exception! 



Hi everyone :) I am happy to be here today to participate in such a great series for this special season! My name is Alycia Crowley, and I blog over at Crowley Party where I blog about my life and the things that I am interested in. When my husband, Trevor, proposed to me, and after I said "YES!" He then said, "We are going to have SO much FUN!" That has kind of become a motto now, Life is a Party, and our life together will be just that. Hence, Crowley Party! 
So being a part of our lives, means joining the Party :)

When Catherine contacted me she had a list of suggested topics we could discuss, and one really stuck out to me. It was, How has your definition of love changed over the years?  I don't talk about my faith on my blog a lot, but I can't talk about my definition of love and not mention my relationship with God. Even if you don't believe in God, I hope you can still find some value in this post :)

Growing up we have an idea of what love is. I believe that there are several different "levels" of love that we can experience and go through. The type of love where you are simply infatuated with someone, "puppy love." And the levels just move up from there, gradually until you have the kind of love where that person will always hold a special place in your heart for forever. Once you get to that kind of love, you might just decide that you want to be with that person for forever, and you decide to get married. 
And they lived happily ever after... right?

You see, I feel that my definition of love has changed since being married. I don't love my husband the same way I loved him before we got married, it continues to evolve and grow every day.

I always wondered what life would be like after marriage. When you are about to get married, you get all the advice in the world, but nothing really can prepare you for the transition of living with someone and being married. It is just something you have to learn as a couple, it is so individualized. 

So you are in love, enjoying the "honey moon" phase and life seems perfect. Then you start to get comfortable with each other and life goes on. You love this person so much, but there are stresses that enter into your relationship after being married. School, finances, jobs, new family, the list could go on and on. What do you do when you face a problem or a disagreement... because guess what? You will.

My dad said to me once that marriage is the hardest thing you will ever do in this life, but it can bring the greatest joy you could possibly experience in this life. 

I have only been married for 2 1/2 years, but I can already tell you that I am starting to see this really manifest itself. I believe that being married is in God's plan for us because we could never truly learn the patience and love that you need to know and have, outside of marriage. Marriage has the ability to make us more Christ like, and because of this I feel like the love I have for my husband has reached a spiritual place that it didn't have when we were dating. 

The beauty of it is, that love and spiritual aspect can continue to grow throughout our marriage, and en-rich with time. I can only imagine how that love will be expanded when we have children.

You see, I think love is supposed to change throughout the years of our life. It should be constantly growing, expanding, and making us better, our lives better, and those around us better.

I hope we can all remember the true meaning of love this Valentine's season, and try to foster it in a beautiful way that makes everyone's lives better, and brings us closer to our Heavenly Father!


Thank you so much, Alycia!

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  1. i love this post! alycia is such a beautiful person!


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