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Today we have a post from Brittany!

She blogs over at whimsy and I found this cute blog of hers after some of the photog idols--Jessica Kettle and Jalene Taylor-- each took pictures of her over the past couple years. She is gorgeous, she has a great sense of style (really though, I repin almost everything she pins on Pinterest and I want to raid her closet) and I love her fun posts about her husband, her family and just life in general. 



when the beautiful catherine asked me to do a guest post...she told me she was doing a series on love. love in all its beautiful forms. i started to think about what love means to me. what i really love. and how i really love. i started to think of what makes me happy. what makes me tick. the obvious things came to mind... as im sure they do for you. 
my religion
my husband
my family
my friends
all things design
and the list could go on and on....

but i would like to take it a little deeper.what is it that actually fulfills me.

what makes me love others. myself. and find joy in others. in being me. in the simplicities of life. in my quest to understand why i love my religion my husband my family and my friends, i have come to understand a few things. 
it has been a journey of discovery for me and i have learned some valuable lessons along the way. 

i have learned that when i feel like no one else is there
my Savior loves me. and that is more than enough. 
i have learned that a loving spouse {although it is not always easy to be one} is always exactly what i need. and cures any of my problems. 
i have learned that family is the answer. love your families. call your mom. let your sister borrow your favorite sweater. send your dad a card. family will always be there for you. and if they arent, forgive them. 
i have learned that life without friends is like a movie without actors. or a song without notes. a poem without words. a camera without film. 
i have learned that using my creativity to design makes my heart sing. it fills me with excitement and emotion. if you are working doing something you do not love it sure is a bummer. i spent three and a half years in nursing school until i realized all i really wanted to do was design. interior design. fashion design. graphic design. i love it. 
so it is.
 i am set to go to design school when my husband goes to medical school. 

in the mean time i must get by and nanny...but i do love those kiddos...
anyways...enough about me... 

on this valentines day regardless of  whether or not we have a special "valentine" we can reach out to a family member or a friend- or we can seek out religion to find happiness and love.

above all, i encourage you to find what makes YOU happy. what makes you feel love. and how you can give and share love in your own life. 
and it does not need to be the same as anyone else.

loves to each of you my darlings!!


Thanks, Brittany!! :)


  1. Thanks for having me Catherine! You are the cutest!

  2. great post! It's so important not to rely on anyone for your own personal happiness! Ironically though, helping others find happiness tends to bring me the most happiness and love.

  3. i definitely thought of adele's song 'to make you feel my love' when reading this :)

  4. so beautiful! and very well written :)
    xo TJ

  5. Britt certainly has a big heart. she has never lacked in being loved or giving it! happy love season :)


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