Seven: why i love him so - Kelli

This morning, we have a post from Kelli.

I stumbled upon her blog Chronicles of She some time ago
through a comment she left on one of my friend's blog
 (just some blog stalking at it's finest, don't worry about it.) 
and I have loved reading her thoughts ever since.

She is really so genuine...and plain awesome. 
 Kelli and Jared are a super fun couple, 
the type that you hope you are cool enough to be married friends with/go on double dates with. 

And I think it's really easy to see why. 



the truth about JARED ANDERSON and the real reasons why i love him so:

-smells good right after he gets off work
-always willing to compromise
-supports me even when i'm being ridiculous
-honestly tells me when my jokes are funny and when they aren't
-does the dishes even though it grosses him out
-hardest working man in the universe
-gives everything, expects practically nothing
-wears the koolest clothes
-has exceptionally stylish shoes
-stays up late with me watching the office every night
-sleeps in with me every single morning
-sings jb opera style in the shower (he loves justin)
-plays guitar fresh out of the shower almost every day
-plays ukulele when i'm mad/sad/scared/upset
-plays church hymns on the harmonica mostly to be funny
-buys roller blades and scooters with me at the thrift store
-could care less about sports on tv
-obsesssssses over his bicycles
-bee-lines it to a restaurant when i'm clearly starving
-expects nothing from me when i'm tired (just what i need!)
-gags at the sound, sight, smell or mention of the word pickle
-and last but not least. the other night i was sitting there on our couch lazily perusing facebook when i told him how jealous i was that our friends in arkansas had taco tuesday and that i wanted to have taco tuesday. he practically finished my sentence and before i could ask if we could have taco tuesday we were already in the car driving to a taco stand.


see what i mean?
they. are. adorable.

thank you, kelli!


  1. I love Kelli. I'm glad she wrote a post for you.

  2. ahhh this is awesome! thanks for letting me share on your blog!

  3. i love kelli and jared!!! really they're the bomb.


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