Seven: Lessons Learned - Kate

Oh you guys. 
Two posts in one day? 
It's too good to be true!

I am so excited to have a post from one of my childhood best friends.

Kate lived across the street from me and we had so many fun times together. We walked to school together, jumped on her tramp, made our own versions of Britney Spears and N*Sync music videos (which were infinitely cooler than the original ones), and sang in her mom's neighborhood chorus together. 
Those were the days. 

Our families always stayed in touch after they moved to New York and then to Idaho. Our family was going to move to Boise before the start of my senior year in high school and we were actually able to visit Kate's family about two weeks before she and Chad got married. When I saw them interact and talk to each other, I remember that I thought to myself, "I hope that I can be that in love one day."

They are another one of those fun couples that you want to be married friends with and go on double dates with.

I have always looked up to Kate and her strength. 
She is just incredible and I love keeping in touch with her through her cute blog

So...I know you will love Kate as much as I do!!



HI! I'm Kate from the pearman post

I'm so thrilled Catherine asked me to be a part of the Fourteen Days of Love! She's kind of amazing, don't you think? I was so excited Catherine contacted me to be a part of this because, well,  I love love. I love being mushy, and Valentine's "season" is one of the only times of the year where I can be justified in gushing over how truly awesome my husband is without annoying everyone and their brother's dog. You see, I have the greatest husband a girl could ask for. No really, it's true! We are each others match. Chad been married about 3 1/2 years and most of the time I feel like we're still in the "honeymoon" phase. Not having any children, we're all about each other--all the time. It's been pretty fantastic getting to know this guy of mine.

In the few years we've been married, I've learned a lesson or two and I've decided to share a few. Now, I realize I'm no expert, but here's a few words of advice (especially those who are newly married or soon to be):
[get ready for pictures-of-people-you-don't-know-or-care-about overload]

1. Be patient.
There's a reason this is #1.When I first got married, every little thing Chad did drove me nuts-o. Never having lived with a guy before, all his little quirks were new to me. And being completely thrown into it, calling it an adjustment would be a huge understatement. He would shave his beard and leave little hairs all around the sink. He'd leave his dirty socks by the bed. And, of course, the toilet seat was always up. He grossed me out. A lot. And rather than being a grown up about it and asking him to clean up, I'd freak out every time I saw something he did that I didn't agree with. This was not so fun for the first few months. Over time, I've learned a lot. It takes a lot of adjusting getting used to each others habits. Sometimes you gotta just let it go (or clean up the beard hair, pick up the socks and learn to pee with the toilet seat up ;)...you'll both be happier, promise.

2. Communicate.
This is huge. Your spouse is not going to know if you're upset by something if you don't voice it. It is so important to just talk. About everything and anything. You're going to be with this person for the rest of your life, don't spend it in silence! Kindly let your partner know if something (worth mentioning) is bothering you. Some things that seem like a no-brainer to one person aren't to another. But it goes both ways--your spouse is also not going to know how appreciated they are if you don't tell them. Every day let them know how much you love and appreciate them. Let them know how happy you are to have them in your lives. Pound it into their brains! No one gets sick of hearing how awesome they are.

3. Flirt.
I love flirting with my husband. I know it sounds corny but we flirt all the time and he still gives me butterflies because of it. Just because you're married doesn't mean the silly spark needs to go away! I love that Chad teases me like we're back in high school and he has a crush on me (because, duhl, he does!). We have so much fun together joking around and playing that it's made me realize how important it is to keep things light. Marriage doesn't need to be serious all the time...where's the fun in that?

4. Pick your battles.
Man, oh man. This has always been a struggle for me, but over time I feel I've mastered it pretty well. There's a reason they say the first year of marriage is the hardest. This really goes hand in hand with #1, because there's so much adjusting going on (on both sides) that it can be tough to distinguish what's really important. Take a step back, breathe, and think "is this worth it?". If it's going to lead to an argument, don't bring it up. Seriously.

5. Love.
Love your spouse with everything that you have. Combine the previous four and you're golden :)


Thanks, Kate!! :)


  1. how much fun!! and i just have to admit, my best friend and i totally re-enacted music videos all the time when we were younger. love it!!!
    xo TJ

  2. Love these tips - especially the one about flirting with your spouse!! When I flirt with my husband regularly, I feel like we're so much closer to each other and more attracted :)


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