president's day weekend: cool/not cool

so remember cool/not cool? oh, yeah...me too. 
thought i'd do a little bit of that today to sum up the long weekend.

-getting a pedicure on friday . it was good to just relax and watch the food network with the pedicure peeps commenting on the delicious dishes in half english/half vietnamese and thai. it had been months since i had a pedicure and i still had red sparkly christmas-y polish from november. oops. 
-finishing the hunger games on friday night instead of going out. started catching fire yesterday. guys, i had heard all of this hype and everyone told me how good/addicting these books are...but i didn't know i would be this hooked. ever since i started reading these books, i have decided the guy that works at cutler's bakery is how i imagine peeta (how fitting, right?) when i read the books. then, i have had lots of dreams that i'm dating liam hemsworth (actor playing gale in the hunger games) and that's really not a bad thing at all.
-waking up to beautiful snow on sunday morning, but also being able to drive to natalie's farewell on fairly dry roads and arriving safely. i love seeing the mountains down by holly and natalie's area, especially in the fall and in the snow.
-speaking of natalie's farewell, i have never had a better after-farewell-meal than i did on sunday. berry and spinach salad + bowtie and chicken asian-y salad + mint brownies were the highlights, but it was all so delicious.
-a little shopping at fashion place and trying out brio with the family and grandparents yesterday. penne mediteranean and wedge salad is the way to go. but if you do go there, beware of the waiter wearing thick hipster glasses that incessantly flirts with you (starting every phrase/cheesy line with "well, laaaady") and then before you leave, he might just grab both of your hands to look at your super bright coral pink nails and tells you how cute they are. uhhh what? my family was dying of laughter, i was dying of embarrassment.
-we bought a new TV for our family room yesterday! can't wait to watch neal caffrey in HD tomorrow night (yes, i know white collar is on tonight, but i probably will be out like a light by 8 pm tonight. guaranteed.)
-my taxes=done in less than a half hour. thank you, turbo-tax (and dad for answering some of my questions). 
-deactivated my facebook until spring break, then i'm going to deactivate it again when it gets closer to finals.
-i only have one super long, full day of school this week because of the holiday...yesssss!

not cool
-hope and i were sick all weekend. she had some weird stomach flu thing and i have had a cold and cough that has progressively gotten worse (i thought i was starting to feel a little better yesterday afternoon, but i am still so sick and disgusting...ugh), so we had to stay home from my grandma's 85th birthday dinner on saturday that i had been looking forward to all week.
-so instead of a super delicious authentic homemade mexican dinner on saturday, i ran to get some chicken nuggets because that's all that sounded good to hope and i had two bites of a nasty, undercooked chicken sandwich from wendy's. tmi? sorry. luckily we had some cafe rio leftovers that i was able to heat up.
-tons of cough drops and cold medicine and kleenex + not really being able to breathe, sleep, or stay warm at all for the past three days=i probably need to go to the doctor after work and research today. boo.

hope you all had a wonderful, long weekend!!  
and may the odds be ever in your favor, this week :)


  1. I was briefly around Davis County this weekend and I saw your dad and Thomas at Costco. I would have said hi but I only had about 10 minutes to get in and out of Costco...given that it was a crazy Saturday I thought it unlikely that I could get all of my stuff that quickly and passed on the hellos. So, you can tell them a delayed hello from me :)

  2. cute blog! i'd love to follow each other if you like mine too! i had a pretty good weekend... preparing for our newest addition! we're getting a french bulldog tomorrow and bought about 20 dog toys on saturday... let's just say she's going to be a spoild little one!

    xxo, vanessa (the gal)


  3. oh no! So sorry you were sick. I am worried I am getting a little bug. :( Aside from being sick, it sounds like your weekend was loaded with nothing but fun and love. xoxo

  4. oh gosh, being sick all weekend is definitely no fun! but shopping and pedicures sounds perfect!
    xo TJ


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