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 Today we have a post from Anna!!!

I met Anna in seventh grade. She was running for officer and she came up to me and told me to vote for her. I didn't really know her, but I remember that I voted for her. As the years went on, I had many classes with her from AP English to Seminary to Choir and I am so grateful I know her. She's probably one of the most talented people I know (Honestly, this girl is the jack of all trades. I know she will be famous for her writing, her photos, her beautiful voice, etc.). Anytime I have seen her since high school, she is so kind, just very genuine and very real. Those are the kinds of people that are worth knowing. 

Check out her blog and you'll see why it is so easy to love this girl.


I love Catherine. Did you know that? She's the bees-knees. (Is that how you spell that? Do bees really have knees?) I'm pleased as punch to be writing a post for this lady because she is so great in every sense of the word and her blog is such a great source of inspiration. THANKS, CATHERINE. YOU ROCK.

I've taken plenty of personality tests in my life. I know that I'm a strong blue personality with pretty heavy dose of red, I know that I value intelligence and beliefs above most things, and I know that if I were a donut, I'd be chocolatey and have sprinkles, and my Patronus is a deer. But one that I have found to be pretty interesting (albeit, potentially bogus, but interesting nonetheless), is the love languages test. have you ever taken the love languages test? You should. Take the love languages test [here].

WELLLL, recently I took said love languages test (on a particularly sentimental night which may have swayed the results), and here's what came out. In order of importance: Quality time, physical touch, acts of service, gifts, and words of affirmation.They're all pretty self-explanatory, right? Hopefully.

So let's talk about this. Words of affirmation is last. Words of affirmation is DEAD LAST. Strange, right? How does someone who is planning on writing as a part of her career NOT value...words? How does ANYONE not value words and especially those of affirmation? Who doesn't like to be told that they're loved, that they're pretty, or that they're great? This girl.

But in all sincerity, it really does make sense to me. And it should--I mean, I did take the test, right? I shouldn't be too shocked by the results. It boils down to something along the lines of if you love me, show me! Don't get caught up in all these words! Just, SHOW ME! And if you love me, come spend some time with me. Also, it's a whole lot harder to be mad at someone if they're hugging you. I'm just trying to think logically here, people.

But sometimes, you still need a few words to hold you over. And to remind you. Sometimes they're poetic and beautiful, but often they're simple and ordinary.


Thank you, Anna!!

Loved this perspective! No matter what, we sometimes do need a few sweet and simple words to keep us going. It reminded me of this commercial I saw last night that made me a little teary-eyed. (Don't judge!)


  1. i'm such a sucker for commercials :)
    and a personality test addict also.

    catherine, this is probably one of your best ideas yet.
    i come to your blog every day and feel all fuzzy inside!

  2. Love the post, Anna! I love the way you write :)

  3. love love love! :)
    Elsha Rae.


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