whisper of a thrill

{things that made me happy this week}

1. babysitting last night. i loved playing legos and trains while watching harry potter with these sweet little boys. 

favorite quotes of the night:
"i...just...like...to...wash....MY HANDS!"
"if santa saw all of those owls, it would be SO scary."
"i only like to go in slow motion when it shows uncle vernon, because he makes really funny faces in slow motion." (all of us really were dying of laughter)
"i could tell you every single thing that everyone says in this movie. but i won't ruin it for you."
"malfoy is mean to everyone, because he's trying to be a dude."

and this conversation:
-"do you know a lot of girls like me in kindergarten?"
-"i'm sure they do, you are a little heartbreaker!"
 -"what does a heartbreaker mean?"
-"it means you are just a handsome little boy!"
-"yeah, i am. and these girls will chase me around trying to kiss me. so i tell the ground duty and she tells them to go away."
-"oh really? do you like any of those girls?"
-"no. i only like...well, the only girls i like are my mom and my sisters."
isn't that just the sweetest?

2. my dad was in anaheim for a day conference on valentine's day and my mom just kept saying, "i wish i could have gone with him, i would have been content to just stare at a palm tree all day." and we laughed about that. i didn't rub this in her face, but when she said that, it made me realize that i will be in california in less than a month for spring break...seeing the palm trees and everything else. :)

3. when my dad came home that night, he gave each of us girls a red rose and a see's chocolate bar. he also brought my mom a palm tree magnet and a postcard with a palm tree. i love my parents.

4. my outfit yesterday was probably a little too fashion forward for me, but it was fun feeling like i was playing dress-up again...putting it together and wearing it. maybe i'll try that a little more often. {royal blue gingham shirt + a black dolman sweater, gray pinstripe skirt, black cable knit tights + leopard flats,  a long black and gold chain necklace + black sparkly earrings.}

5. loved listening to these good words at work this week. {listen here}

6. doing research. going to this really neat old building downtown in the afternoons and working on fun projects is probably one of my favorite parts of the week. even though school has been really hard the past two weeks (probably the most challenging semester i'll have in this major), doing this makes me remember that i love my major.

7. this is from last weekend...but i loved seeing some of the psi girls, finally. 
olive garden + the vow = successful reunion. 

8. hot chocolate and drives on rainy nights :)

9. no matter how long of a day it has been or how down i feel, i know that when i walk through the door, wilson will be waiting...with his tail wagging and ready to greet me. that dog always brings a smile to my face. silly? yes. but that's okay.

10. i love this advice and scene so much. i've talked about it before a few times, but i think it's always worth watching again."who knows...lightning could strike!" :)

what made you happy this week?

ps: remember, if you would like to do a "what makes you happy" guest post, email me at themeaningfulpursuit@gmail.com. :)


  1. Did you babysit the Mitchell boys? Cause they definitely are heartbreakers. Pretty sure Abby still thinks Michael is her boyfriend.

    1. Yes! They are just the cutest ever, aren't they? And Abby is so adorable :)

  2. ha, this post made me laugh! it made me miss nannying. honestly, kids just say the cutest things!
    xo TJ

  3. I love that clip. You've never shared that with me before I don't think. I love that!

  4. kids are the best

    sounds like you had quite the week!

  5. Ha ha kids are awesome! I hope I was that cool when I was little :D I saw The Vow this week too. I quite liked it's realistic nature. Nice outfit there...you got style sister! :D

  6. your outfit is so cute!! i love the leopard flats. i just bought a pair at target and i can't stop wearing mine.

  7. love the leopard flats!



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