leap day

i know all of you utahns have probably been flooded with facebook statuses about the snow and windy weather today,

but isn't it just a little annoying that it can be a fairly warm (47 degrees), dry day with a 20 minute commute home on monday...

{feb 27}

....and then on wednesday, it can be a 2 hour commute home with 30 mph winds and blizzard like conditions?

{leap day}

signs of spring-ish weather, please come back.


  1. getting work tonight was such a nightmare! i just want spring!!!

  2. crazy crazy weather.

    but i literally can't wait for spring!
    cooooooooooome already! :)


  3. it is funny to know facebook is a more reliable source for the forecast. this morning was so beautiful and then the snow melted and e are back to not so beautiful. either snow or summer dang it!

  4. i want spring and summer more than anything! i literally have had a countdown since the beginning of august haha. dont get me wrong i love all of the other seasons, but summer sunshine runs deep in my veins. love this post!


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