It's Always Personal

First off, Happy Valentine's Day!! 

I could literally go on and on about how much I have loved reading these posts for the past fourteen days. I have been amazed at the stories, advice, and perspectives shared by those of you who participated, both in writing posts and in your comments. I am thinking that this will have to turn into an annual series, because it was just that great.

Wouldn't you agree? 

Thank you again and again for sharing a bit of your lovely selves and sharing the love, everyone!!


Though I have posted a few times already during this series, I wanted to share one more thing. Not one of my favorite quotes about love or my ultimate dream date or one of my favorite movie kisses, but something that can be easily dismissed or forgotten about in our society.

"Kindness is the essence of greatness and the fundamental characteristic of the noblest men and women I have known. Kindness is a passport that opens doors and fashions friends. It softens hearts and molds relationships that can last lifetimes. Kind words not only lift our spirits in the moment they are given, but they can linger with us over the years. Kindness is the essence of a celestial life. Kindness is how a Christlike person treats others. Kindness should permeate all of our words and actions at work, at school, at church, and especially in our homes." -Joseph B. Wirthlin, "The Virtue of Kindness"

Said it before and I'll say it again, I have spent many, many hours watching "You've Got Mail". Watching it after swimming lessons with my mom and siblings in the summers. Watching it at Bear Lake with all of my mom's family. Watching it with friends countless times. Putting it on so I could fall asleep in a cold dorm room on one lonely, sleepless night. Watching it in blanket forts. Quoting it all of the time. It's another one of those movies that just doesn't get old for me.

This past Sunday, my dad spoke in church for ward conference and I was able to go listen to him. I had no idea what he was going to speak about, but when he started to speak, I felt like the message was meant just for me. He talked about kindness and soon, he related a little scene from "You've Got Mail" ( isn't that great? i love my dad)--the part where Joe tells Kathleen that it wasn't personal, it was just business. Then Kathleen proceeds to say, "It was personal to me." If anything, it should always be personal. {view here}

In all of my watching of "You've Got Mail", 
I had never really thought about that scene or those words 
and they suddenly spoke right to me. 

He talked about how we need to not be so harsh--taking the "it's just business" side of things in life. Things are personal, the struggles we are all facing and the things we deal with in life. No matter how put together one might seem, a little act of kindness or a thoughtful word is ever needed and something so simple can make the all the difference. We could all work on being kinder, more gentler towards each other. 

Like the exchange of "mail" between Kathleen and Joe, I feel like I learn a lot of important life lessons from letters. I have two boxes in my room, filled with letters and cards from the past twenty years of my life. Not every single card or letter, but probably close to it. Those from the neighbors, friends, loves, and family who are near and dear to my heart. When I take the time to read through these letters, 
I learn from the ones I've received and... even the ones I have sent to others. 



...This past month, I read the First Presidency Message in the Ensign for August and something hit me like a ton of bricks. In one of the quotes, President Monson said, 
 “We will never regret the kind words spoken or the affection shown. Rather, our regrets will come if such things are omitted from our relationships with those who mean the most to us.” 

For a long time now, I have felt guilty and truly upset about how I let many weird concerns get in the way of telling you how much you have meant to me. I feel so awful when I look back at the silly, immature things I did and said to you and I’m so sorry. Simply put, I never fully expressed or showed my gratitude for you. You were a listening ear and you always made my day. You knew exactly how to make me smile and laugh. I always took that for granted and I want you to know how grateful I am that the Lord put you in my life when He did. You were such a bright spot for me and I’m so grateful I was able to get to know you. You are a truly incredible guy...one of a kind. I will always be so impressed with you...

I decided after I sent this letter that I never want to get to a point where I have to write anything like it again. The point where I realize that I could have been a little bit kinder, a lot more grateful, and shown much more love than I did. This, of course, is a modified version and a very brief snippet. I sent this off to someone I will always have a special place for in my heart, but since it was sent, this letter has surprisingly helped me let go of things holding me back in a lot of aspects of my life and it let me get some heavy things off of my mind. Though it was very cathartic, it is still one of the hardest things I have ever had to write and it took so much courage for me to send it, as silly as it sounds.

Because, it was personal
It was straight from my heart

We can be afraid of being a little too personal at times. Sure, you might be thinking that there is a very fine line or it may be difficult to open yourself up. 

But by being personal, I mean (in this context) taking every person's feelings into consideration and treating them with the utmost compassion and love they deserve. We will never regret being more "personal" with people.  We will never regret the kindnesses we gave--sharing a smile, holding a door open, making small talk, writing a thank you note, the list goes on and on. We will only regret the things left unsaid, the people left unthanked, and the time not spent with those we love. 

It is a constant battle within each individual, I think. One of how we know we should act and what we see in the world around us. Expressing our love and kindness is something we may never be perfect at recognizing the need for or actually doing. I have to continually keep myself in check and I'm always making mistakes, but I hope that I can always be impeccable and genuine with my words, never regretting and always expressing. Something we can always strive for--to be a little bit more personal, more kind and loving towards others.

It's never business, it's always personal.

Remember you are loved today and always
Thanks for reading :)


  1. your writing is beautiful. thanks for sharing!

  2. i never looked at that quote that way before either...thanks for that :)

  3. I believe you are one enchanting lady,,Like Cecilia,Kathleen :)You've got mail,is in my blood too.And this particular post is awesomeness.

  4. aww, i LOVE "you've got mail."
    great post girl!!
    xo TJ

  5. Okay...I just stumbled upon your blog and this post with the You've Got Mail reference hooked me right away!
    My favorite show and definitely one of the best lines..."what's so wrong with being personal anyway?"
    I just got engaged and we are starting a blog so here it is!



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