hey moon, please forget to fall down

 {things that made me happy this week} 

1. Doing better on a test than I expected and after a few really rough weeks of school, I am resolving to study even harder and do well in everything in all of my classes this semester...the power of positivity, people. I know I can, I know I can...

2. Reading through my journal and remembering that once last year, I slept with a book under my pillow the night before a test and I ended up doing really well on the test. Laugh out loud. I may or may not be doing that for the rest of the semester. Why am I so weird ?

3. I'm starting to feel better. I'm thinking it is probably because I slept for 10 hours last night and mainly because of these little pep talks on my Halls Cough Drops wrappers that say things like, "Get back in there champ!" and "Be unstoppable!" Thanks for the inspiration, Halls.

4. I'm taking the GRE [ for freeeeee ] tomorrow, thanks to Kaplan. I'll probably be on campus for 7 hours and it won't count or be sent towards any schools, but I figure it will be an excellent way to prep for taking the real thing in a couple of months. Applying to graduate school is becoming more of a reality and last night, I was looking through the course catalog for the graduate program at the U and I started to get so excited about these classes and hopefully getting to that point in the next year!

5. Well, I finished Catching Fire in three days...thanks to listening to the audiobook at work on Tuesday and reading during (a delicious Costa Vida) lunch on Wednesday... and I'm already half way through Mockingjay. Suzanne Collins is brilliant.

6. I'm going to Disneyland....in 18 days!!!

7. On Tuesday, I was feeling the sickest, but I still came to work early that morning despite the aches, chills, sneezing, coughing, horrible headache, running nose etc. I know I'm awful for doing that, but I just avoided seeing or talking to anyone. Later that morning, I had an email from the professor I'm doing research with, saying that I didn't need to come in that day or this week. It was a huge tender mercy and I was able to go home and rest. Just what I needed and it helped me start to feel better!

8.  iPod shuffle magic. Sometimes, your iPod shuffle starts playing songs like this one and it takes you back to high school days... a sunny late start morning in February when I woke up extra early to go to breakfast at Doug and Emmy's with the AP Chemistry friends and singing along to this song at the tops of our lungs...not really understanding the lyrics or why we knew this weird, random song word for word, but laughing and smiling like crazy with everyone. Those are the kinds of memories that I love.

what made you happy this week?

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  1. love catching fire and costa vida! yum. I miss living in utah for that reason. Things that make me happy this week: dancing, lipstick and my hubby.


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