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Today, we have a post from Elease from life on a limb.

This gorgeous lady left me a sweet comment a few months ago and I have been following this cute blog about these lovebirds ever since!

Go and read their amazing love story.

Just do it.

You will cry and love it.

Yes, you're welcome.


little {love notes} to the things that remind me of valentine's day:

dear cupid: i have a gut feeling your middle name is fate. i love what you stand for and what you do for people. fate is a propelling force in keeping the world in constant motion. fate is real. fate is evident. and fate is magical.

dear red roses and chocolate: you're expected and somewhat cliche. i'd actually prefer white ones. but, if you're asking, i'd really prefer pink tulips all together on that special day in february. the only time i enjoy a bouquet of red ones, is on stage after a performance. they remind me of ballerinas and all things serious; like a funeral or a gesture of sympathy. as for the chocolates? lovebird knows me too well. chocolate is my weakness. i have it almost daily. so on valentines, i'd prefer a hand written love note, a bouquet of tulips and a night full of kisses instead of the expected.

dear date night: i can't wait to see what lovebird surprises me with. will he take me to our favorite restaurant? or will he take me somewhere new? i can't wait to escape the typical tuesday night by enjoying a candle lit dinner while chitchatting about why we are crazy about one another. 

dear unfortunate events:february 14th in years past hasn't been full of hearts, kisses, love, cupid, romance and joy. in fact, i've experienced some ruff times on this special day of love. just a few examples: my grandma passed away late in the night february 13th when i was just eight years old. my mom didn't have the heart to tell me until the next day. my best friend also passed away on valentine's day my sophomore year in high school. i broke up with my first serious boyfriend on v-day, which also happened to be his birthday. i only bring these events up, because they have shaped me into the person i am today. valentine's has had different meanings in the past- and will continue to remain important in years to come. i am thankful for this special day of love, because it means much more to me now and is a yearly reminder of how important loving those around you truly is. 

dear red: you are my favorite color as of late. i could wear red lipstick and red shoes every day and never grow old of you. i am happy you are the chosen color to represent love. this just gives me a special excuse to indulge and deck myself out from head to toe with you. 

dear lovebird:be mine? oh- won't you please be my valentine? {обичам те повече отколкото птиците в небето} i love you more than all the birds in the sky. you're the reason i now love this holiday. being married to you is ultimate bliss. i can't imagine life without you. i love you in the morning all scruffy and sexy. i love you in the afternoon all geeky and energetic. i love you in the evening all tired and handsome. i love you every minute of every day. i'm thankful that cupid found us three years ago. i feel like we were a match made in heaven. 

dear sugar cookies: you are my favorite sugary treat on this beloved day. you know... the homemade, buttery, crumble-in-your mouth, cream cheese frosting, heart shaped ones. we all know you are to die for and simply irresistible. i'm thinking about trying this new recipe this year. you should too!

dear february: you're a special little month. quite literally. you have the least amount of days, and of those days the world is under your spell of love. we are guilty as charged: you're the month we said i love you to one another for the very first time. how romantic.


Thank you, Elease!!! :)


  1. great way to end the series
    can't believe it's over already though!

  2. This was a lovely end to your 14 days.

    So sweet!


  3. i just wanted to say that i have really really enjoyed this series!

  4. I just found your blog and found this series to be simply adorable! I think I would like tulips instead also :)

  5. Ah, who knew I would contemplate putting a Dr. Zeuss quote on a t-shirt. (Love that quote on your blog!)


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