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Today, we have a post from Megan Bongiovi!

Last week, I received an email from her, introducing herself 
and asking if she could participate in this little series!

Duh, of course!!

 Her blog is really so fun and I was excited that she wanted to write a post.



Hello Darlings! 

First of all thanks to Catherine, isn't she seriously the sweetest? She is, we all know it, and adore her for it. I love her blog and have been reading for quite some time unbeknownst to her, and as soon as she said she had three spots available I emailed- introduced myself and asked to be her guest. I am a little presumptuous like that, but here I am, 

My name is Megan Bongiovi, (Bon-Jovi, seriously I married that name it's rockin') and I blog over at my little silly blog known as insosomuchlove.blogspot.com  where I mostly ramble a lot about my Mr. D, my other mini D, (our baby Dog) and just our life. 

One of my seriously favorite things in the world is LOVE. I have always been a lover and even have a list of "boys I have loved" starting in my first journal at the ripe age of 5 until I was 8. Yikes right!?! It was no surprise to my parents then, that I was married at the age of 19, to my handsome accomplice who was also 19. We have known each other since 2nd grade, dated our senior year of high school, D got baptized the summer after we graduated and then decided a week before I moved to Utah that he was coming too. It was history after that. We have been married exactly a year and a half today and will be celebrating our 4th valentine's day together. Love it! So now that you know me a little better I am going to tell you all 14 things I have learned about love over our journey so far together, 

1. I have learned that love is not always a fairy-tale. Although you definitely get your own Prince Charming, (which really is pretty dreamy,) you most likely won't live in a castle, have any sort of real magic to help get all of the things you need to do get done, and you won't stay the same forever. (But seriously, who would want to wear the same 1-2 outfits, hairstyles and makeup every, single day? Not me I say, boooorrriinnng!) Because it is real life though, the good things are so much sweeter, the bad things are a little harder, and in the end you are both stronger and better people because of it. 

2. I have learned that true love is when you get lunch and flowers delivered to your office while Mr. is away with the air force, in Hawaii none the less and instead of only soaking up the delicious sun he sends that with a card that says "I miss you so much and wish you were here, I love you." 

3. I have learned that love involves paying for a lot of bills, working long hours, and creating a home together that is just for you. 

4. I have learned that love gets a little stronger and more exciting when you buy large purchases together, when we bought our very own couch I thought I was in Heaven, and when we bought our Truck I knew I was! Something about having things that you paid for that are just "ours" makes me really, really happy. 

5. I have learned that having someone you can laugh, and cry with is more valuable than anything in the whole world. Someone who can make you better when you are at your best, and still love, cherish and comfort you at your worst is more than a keeper. He's an eternal companion, for real. 

6. I have learned that in life, love and marriage there is a lot of heartache, but that there is so much fun and good, that all of the bad is so worth it. 

7. I have learned that naming your future children is even better when it is with the person you love the most, knowing that someday, (far, far, away) you will have a baby that looks like you and like Him seems like perfection. 

8. I have learned that in love saying "I'm sorry" is hard, but making mistakes that hurt the other is a whole lot worse, but that forgiveness is also a lot easier and simple. 

9. I have learned that for something wonderful, there are always a lot of sacrifices that make the wonderful what it is. 

10, I have learned that the butterflies that you once felt while dating are sometimes more like birds in marriage

11. I have learned that every marriage is different, there are no two exact same people and that it is best to make it what best fits the two of you, rather than trying to be/do something neither of you are or want

12. I have learned a lot of patience through love and marriage 

13. I have grown a more understanding heart through love and marriage

14. I have more than anything else, learned that choosing the person you love and marry is the most important decision that you will ever make, one that will literally affect every other action throughout the rest of your life, I'm so glad I made the perfect choice for me. 

Happy Love Month! 



Thank you, Megan!!!


  1. yay congrats on finding your prince charming so young :)
    wishing you two many many years of happiness!


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