¡felíz cumpleaños/adios hermana allen!


I met Natalie through my freshman roommate Rosie. I had always heard about "the seven" from Rosie and everything going on in their lives. One Friday night a couple weeks before Spring Semester Finals, Rosie asked me if I wanted to meet Natalie and Ally and go to dinner with them at Paradise. I was apprehensive, but excited to finally talk to two of these girls for more than just five minutes on the phone or while they came up to the dorm room to pick up Rosie. We started ordering at Paradise, Ally spilled food all over the place, and we talked and laughed about nothing for almost three hours and we probably could have kept going if they weren't getting ready to close. Natalie had been to tour the U that day and told me she was transferring to the U. Immediately, I told her that she needed to be a part of my LDS sorority and I think I overwhelmed her with pep and my different sense of humor. We talked a few times during that summer on Facebook for a few hours and yes, she ended up joining my sorority that fall. We have probably emailed and texted and talked on the phone and skyped and chatted on Facebook more than we have actually been together in real life. We always joke that we could probably count on two hands and two feet the number of times we have actually seen each other in real life and yet, we have become the best of friends. Natalie is genuine and grounded. She always gives great (and straight up, honest, don't mince your words) advice, knows how to make me laugh out loud, and she is really strong in her beliefs. Plus, she's great at making playlists and selling shoes. Really, what more could you want in a friend?

While she was in Chile last year, she told me during one of our skype chats that she was thinking of going on a mission and it didn't surprise me one bit. I could picture her serving a mission and I knew she would be perfect at it. I was so excited for her when she received her call to leave on Leap Day to Bolivia Santa Cruz and I can't wait to hear about all of her experiences there. And I became even more excited for her yesterday when Holly and I were at her farewell. Her talk seriously floored me (I'm being serious, Nat...you know I am). I was almost in tears, because she shared her rock solid testimony and love of the Gospel along with so many wonderful thoughts. 

She is so ready to go and share the good news. 
I couldn't be happier for you and I am so excited for you!!

psi sisters 4lyfe. ^_^

The middle picture is probably the only picture we have of us together...besides this one below from yesterday with that doublehead behind us.

Also, it's her twenty first birthday today...so that is quite the milestone!! 
luv u, nattles!!!



  1. those photo bombers didn't ruin that last pic. your gals are too cute!

  2. cathy! stop it! how am i just seeing this! i love it! and you! i miss you already. is that possible? is that weird? ahhhhh. i am a walking talking anxiety attack. i wish that was a joke. hellllp. srsly.


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