candy man

a few weeks ago, we were all in the kitchen one morning getting ready to leave for school and work, packing up lunches. my dad started to grab bags of cinnamon hearts and dove dark chocolates. i didn't really think anything of it until the next day and the next day when he did the same thing. and that's all i saw him get for himself for a while. if  you know my dad, you'd know that he barely ever indulges in sugar (aside from his daily dark chocolate fix or graeter's black raspberry chip ice cream) and he eats really healthy ( no cheese on anything, especially his cafe rio burritos and drinks almond or soy milk, etc. yuck, you know the type.) so i said to him, "wow, dad. candy for lunch?" then we all started laughing and talking about how he probably had a little notebook at work and we pictured him taking bites of each candy and writing down how they taste, cue thomas' willy wonka impression.

i'm not sure why that's so funny, but it always is.

 this is also funny. i'm also not sure why.

so we all have teased him about it and set out candy and treats for him every day to take for lunch. well early this morning, i was running a little bit late and while trying to figure out what to take for lunch, i grabbed a bunch of valentine's candy from my bag that my coworkers gave me on valentine's day and shoved it in my backpack. then i turn around and hear my dad say, "wow, catherine. candy for lunch?"



Thanks for making my day!

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