lists from today that possibly explain why i am a goof

tv shows that should be on netflix:
-boy meets world (!!!!!!!)
-even stevens
-lizzie mcguire
(shows what a late 90s/early 00's disney channel addict i was)

movies i want to see right this very minute:
-the great gatsby (i die. i can't wait for this movie. favorite favorite book.)
-the hobbit (i get chills when i see this trailer. let's be honest, i loved reading the hobbit and i got in trouble many times when i was a seventh grader for reading this book when i wasn't supposed to. then i got half way through fellowship of the ring and stopped...it was such a snooze fest for me, i don't know why. i love the LOTR movies though.)
-the dark knight rises (i saw mission impossible : ghost protocol in imax twice and the trailer for this movie brought tears to my eyes and sent chills down my spine.)
-the hunger games (haven't read the books though...oops. you can slap my wrist)
-extremely loud and incredibly close (looks like a tear jerker, but who can resist tom and sandra?)*
-the vow (duh)
-the lucky one (duh)
-star wars in 3D (i don't know how many of them will be showed in 3D this year and i'll probably skip out on seeing darth maul and jar-jar binks in 3D...but i want to see the rest of them for sure.)
-mib 3. (will smith. enough said.)
-titanic in 3D (discussed this one before...) 

movie that looks super lame, but probably will still see it:
-the avengers (no comment)

movie i wish wasn't rated R:
-safe house (action/thriller film with denzel and ryan, need i say more?)

books i am going to read this year:
-the hunger games (there ya go)
-the book of mormon (at least three times)

songs i love today (most random, random list):
-when it's over. (sometimes, people don't give sugar ray enough credit.) 
-bailamos. (enrrrrrrrrique!)
-it's ok (i loooove cee lo green's voice.)
-life on earth. band of horses. (always great. don't watch the video. it's all... super cheese & twilight-y.)
-can you tell. ra ra riot. (most likely one of my all time favorite songs.)
-hurricane drunk. florence + the machine. (when we went to california summer 2010, i came to love florence + the machine...i could listen to her all the time and think about sitting on carmel beach.)
-bruises (passion pit remix) chairlift (good work out song.)
-i'll be seeing you. billie holiday (just one of those days when i'm missing someone...ain't no thang. and i'm pretty sure i will always love the notebook. never gets old. watch the video and love ryan gosling.)

things i love today (and apparently always):
-anything 90s related
-hot chocolate
-daydreaming about love
-my purple scarf
-youtube. i think it's hilarious to look at the lyric videos people make...too good. i also love reading through people's comments and their cyberspace comment fights....yikes. 

i am such a goof :)

*i started this post earlier, but spur of the moment, holly and i saw this tonight. i don't know how i feel about it still. it was very well done, but almost too emotionally charged and hard for me to watch. 


  1. Read The Hunger Games!! Seriously! Before you see the movie!! :D Promise you will??

  2. boy meets world is my jam!
    i want them on dvd SO BAD

  3. You pretty much just stole a post from my brain! Haha! Love this. And I TOTALLY agree about those tv shows needing to be on Netflix! Freshman year they had a Lizzie McGuire marathon on Disney channel and I totally watched it up at school... My roommates thought I was crazy but I don't care. :) Also, READ THE HUNGER GAMES! I just barely read them over Christmas (I'm one of the slow ones too) and LOOOOOOOOOVED them. :)

  4. I read your first list about shows that SHOULD be on netflix as shows that are ON netflix... needless to say I was very disappointed when they weren't on instant watch. It's obviously been a long day for me. Also, you have the cutest blog! How did I not know this existed?


Thanks for making my day!

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