{Things that made me happy this week}

1. I'm still laughing about that conversation I overheard on Monday and I'm still loving Blue Hawaii on Netflix.

2. I'm taking a Preparing for Eternal Marriage/Happiness in Dating institute class during my little break on Monday and Wednesday. We'll see if I can make it through that class...hahaha. The good thing is that there are only three engaged people in our class, I was expecting everyone to be engaged.

3. Thoughts of new White Collar episodes and Sundance next week! YES!!

4. New swimsuit came! Can't wait for it to see the beaches of California during Spring Break.

5. I've gone a little crazy on Pinterest this week. That's something to be sorry about, BUT... I'm actually not that sorry.

6.  Finding my warm cashmere cardigan in my closet and wearing it to work the other day. It is the perfect color-blocking piece. All I need is some bright pants or a bright skirt. I really want to get some red pants, but I haven't found anything I'm in love with...do you have any tips or suggestions on where to get a great pair of red pants/jeans?

7. "Hey, does anyone know how I can make Papyrus my default font?" {watch the full video here if you haven't already and if you have, why not watch it again!?}

8. Daydreaming with Lindsey at the Institute on Wednesday. Such hopeless romantics.

9. Triscuts. Maybe I'll come up with a song about them that is almost as annoying as my Honey Nut Cheerios Song. Then again...maybe not.

10. Music has been my absolute love this week. I get so excited to drive home and crank up the tunes. "Look into your eyes, imagine life without ya...and the love kickstarts again." :)     {listen/watch video here}

What made you happy this week?

Have a great weekend!!!

PS: Story time: Once on a Friday the 13th, a black cat crossed my path while I was walking to school and five seconds later, I ended up tripping on a huge crack in the sidewalk and I ended up with a ginormous scrape on the bridge of my nose that bled all over the place, bruises, and a tooth chipped (luckily it was a baby tooth). It was a traumatic day for me as a little first grader and since then, I've always tried to be extra cautious when Friday the 13th rolls around. Be careful today! :)

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  1. that class sounds so cool!
    once i took a marriage and family sociology class and i looovveeddd it


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