"I don't trust people who hide their emotions."

Things that made me happy this week
1. Walking from work to the building where I'm doing research. It's probably a half a mile walk from where I work, but it was a sunny day on Tuesday and it felt good to get some cold and crisp fresh air. I love Salt Lake City.

2. Thoughtful, kind texts out of the blue from friends

3. Writing Thank You Notes

4. Salad with raspberry vinaigrette, avocados, and chicken for lunch at work on Friday. Basically I could eat avocados plain all the time...love them.

5. Holly drove up and visited me and then spent the night. So grateful for her friendship!!

6. Snow

7. Going shopping with Hope and talking about lots of random things. I love spending time with my siblings.

8. Dinner and a movie with my parents on Friday night (even if it was take out and Uncle Buck...it was really fun)

9. Thomas' funny impressions and sense of humor. That kid makes me laugh like no other.

10.  "Catherine, I cry at the drop of a hat! It's really okay to cry and show emotion. I don't trust people who hide their emotions." -My dad. I'm grateful for emotions and being able to have them--the good and the bad. I'm grateful again for my family and for their love and support!!

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  1. Love this :) It's all about those little happy things.


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