I am a lover.

Last Thursday night, Melissa, my friend in my major, called me up and asked if I would want to go on a blind date on Friday night. It was going to be a group date and she didn't know her date either, just the guy who was setting the two of us up. I am so weary of blind dates, but I told her that it would probably just end up being funny and that I would come with her. She agreed that it would probably be funny and we worked out the details. 

Needless to say, that night was sure...something. 
The kind of something that isn't really worth writing about, but we sure can laugh about it. 

The guys kept saying to us all night, "Wow, how are you so together at your age? You both are so busy and doing so much in life!" They obviously didn't really have much going for them, but it made me think about my life. As always.

As crazy and hectic and busy as it gets, I truly do LOVE my life. Everything in it. 
I am grateful each day for the chance to be alive and the things I have learned in my twenty years. 

I know how love feels and it is hands down my favorite feeling in the entire world.  

No, I'm not married. 
No, I don't have a boyfriend right now. 

And that's just fine.

I know those days of being a wife and mother will come in a distant future and I will be able to relate better to that season of life that a lot of you readers are in. I will feel new kinds of love and my heart will be expanded even more, but I will love those days when they are here and that doesn't mean I don't love my days right now. 

For now, I just enjoy everything thrown my way 
and I feel love from my friends and family every single day.  
(Look at my rhyming skills.)

Later, I thought about this post that I did for The Shine Project last year 
and I kept thinking about the words I wrote about being a lover of life. 
How blessed I feel that we have the capacity to LOVE in this life! 
Isn't it just so wonderful?

I thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to read about love from many different perspectives?"

So....starting tomorrow, I will be doing a series called, 

Leading up to Valentine's Day,  there will be a post every day on my blog from a few of my best friends and favorite bloggers about LOVE...their relationships, the things they love, examples of love, and their perspectives on love....anything. 

Basically, just fourteen days of a whole lotta love. 

I'm so excited to read what these ladies come up with and I hope that you will be excited too!

Spread the love!!

PS: I still have three days that any of you could participate! 
Email me as soon as you can at 
and I will get you the details :)


  1. catherine, you are so great! I hate blind dates as well. ha! i just am an awkward person, and am not good at first impressions. ha!! remember when we went to the jazz game and your date played and sang on the guitar? i do. good times good times. miss you!

  2. Those guys were lucky to go out with such great girls like you and your friend, I'm sure of it! That is wonderful you have so much going on with your life - it feels wonderful to be busy doesn't it - even if it's crazy most of the time?! Also, I love your perspective - to enjoy & love your days NOW! They only happen once in your life - you're only at this young, single girl, college stage for usually a short time in the whole perspective of things and it's so FUN! When I was 21, 3/4 of my best friends got married in the same year and I felt kind of behind the bandwagon at times after that (not that I'm that old now and have that much to say, I'll be only 24 in about a month haha)but I have always been at my own little stage. I hope you never feel the pressure to be at that wife/mother stage - it will happen when it happens and NOW is such an EXCITING time! Every stage is a place you've never been before (or a different version of it) which is what makes it such a grand adventure no matter how simple or insignificant it might seem - that's what I love about life. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Oh man I haven't ever been on a blind date but I am so wary of them too! Looking forward to the series!! :D

  4. I'm so excited for the upcoming posts!!! :)

  5. ...SO continue to have this perspectiv and positive ATTITUDE! You deserve the best.


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