highlights from first day of semester

#1. Driving to school and singing the entire way there. 

#2. Seeing this license plate holder: 
"What is your hobby? I own multi-million dollar satellites to locate tuperware in forests." Whhhhhhaaaaaat? That was real life.

#3. Finding a parking spot in the closest "U" lot to my building even though I was running late this morning!

#4. Being reminded that public transportation loves me, but I don't really love public transportation. I rode the bus downtown to the office I'll be doing research in and then I rode Trax back up around noon. [remember this...i was so young!]

#5. Going Downtown to discuss the research project I'll be heading up! SO excited about it!!! 

#6. Being told by three different people while walking downtown that I looked "lovely" and "very pretty" today. That brings a smile to your face! So does eating Olive Garden for lunch. :) 

#7. This conversation I overheard when I was walking to my afternoon classes:

Guy 1: Hey dude, want some gum?
Guy 2: Nah, man. I never chewed gum last semester. 
Guy 1: Really? I go through two or three packs of Orbit a week.
Then they began talking about something else for a few minutes...
Guy 1: Dude, maybe if you had some gum, you would go on more dates.
Guy 2: Oh. Yeah.

Me: alsdjfa;sla;owieurapowieufplolz (that was me... trying to muffle my laughter 
because they were three feet ahead of me and i couldn't believe i was hearing that awesome conversation.)

#8. Being in my major classes. It really does make a difference when you find something you love and it makes going to school SO enjoyable. I love my classes and what I'm doing. 

I'm in love with school and I kind of felt sad when I thought that after I'm done with this semester, I only have five more classes left in my undergrad. I am happy that I'm closer to being done and getting to grad school too, but I know I'll be sad when I'm done with it all and not on this campus anymore. I just love school and I love my life when I'm in school. It's always just a little more interesting :)

PS: Happy Birthday, Kate!!
30, Flirty and Thriving. 


  1. Those guys sound like the nerdy guys I was listening to in the institute. That just made my day. love. you.

  2. Oh that conversation kills me! ha ha ha How I would have loved to have been there to hear that! :D


Thanks for making my day!

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