Guest Post: What Makes You Happy-Stephanie's Ramblings

Guess who is telling us what makes her happy today?!!

The one and only, Steph!

I posted on her blog last week and I think it's fair to say I have a girl crush on her, too.  :) 

So...we decided to do a little post swapping.


10 things that make Stephanie happy:

Utah State Univeristy:) It makes me happy.

10. This pinterest find (thanks Catherine!)

9. Farm fresh eggs that I used on my french toast this morning. Glad my sister bought those chickies last spring!

8. Movie night with my neighbors. Especially when we watch "Up."

7. Having a roommate who is a Zumba instructor, a roommate who is an  esthetician, and a roommate who will french braid my wet hair for those perfect waves

6. Cuddling with my new little niece, mmm that baby smell is so sweet.

5. These yummy treats. 

4. Holding hands.

3. This song. Cute.

2. Passing by that guy in the parking lot who lives upstairs. (There are some butterflies who like to stir when I see him:))

1. It's Friday. Holla!


Isn't this post too cute? 

She's doing great things in life right now, as usual. 

Check out her blog and show her some love! 

Love this girl soooo much! 


(excuse the typo, unless it actually is your birthday. my brain is gone, guys. gone.)

1 comment:

  1. aw, who wouldn't have a girl crush on her. just adore!
    and holding hands is definitely a top for me as well!
    xo TJ


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