Don't worry. I've just had a super great weekend and I have to go to work realllllllll early tomorrow.

Let's hope I survive the craziness of the day tomorrow.


Who am I kidding?

Of course, I will. :)

So be looking forward to a photo overload...eventually this month...complete with pictures from New Year's Eve, the Auto Expo, Sundance (this upcoming weekend), and maybe even some Photobooth pictures if you are real lucky.

PS: I would recommend "Midnight in Paris" to all of you. I watched it a couple weeks ago and I quite enjoyed it. How can you not love this opening scene?


  1. I loved this movie as well! I saw it in theaters by accident..I loved all the old time stuff. Good luck at your early day at work!

  2. Sooooo excited for Sundance!! :)

  3. I so need to watch this movie. I've heard such great things about it.

    Good luck with your crazy day today!


Thanks for making my day!

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