awkward and awesome thursday

-waking up at 4 am and not going back to sleep, except i was kinda in this still-dreaming-but-very-much-awake-and-alert thing. but i do remember that i said out loud, "i bet mariah carey used a wig to get such big curly hair for her madison square garden concert in 1995. and then she donated it to beauty and the beast on broadway for the beast's costume. yeah, i think that's what happened." WHAT?? i told you... my thoughts are very profound...and stuff. [read this and you'll maybe understand all of this a little better]
-that moment when you are at a stoplight and looking ahead and then you decide to look at the driver in the car next to you and then the driver looks back at you. then you hurry and stop looking and pray that the light turns green right at that moment.
-walking like a pregnant lady because your legs are so sore and feel like jelly from pilates.
-my laugh out loud board on pinterest never fails to make me laugh really hard, out loud. oops.
-spoiler alert: i was thinking about the movie i saw last night, "new year's eve" this morning while i was getting ready. i just can't believe that josh duhamel ends up with sarah jessica parker. and dreamy zac efron kisses a frumpy and old looking michelle pfeiffer. i just can't wrap my mind around either of those situations still. yuck. oh well. it's just a movie.
-continuing on with the subject of movies, i just have to get this out there: i think it's super awkward that kristen stewart (of all people) is supposed to be snow white and "the fairest in the land" compared to the queen played by charlize theron in that new "snow white and the huntsman" movie. i mean, really. it's charlize theron. she is one of the most gorgeous people to ever grace this earth. hope and i were discussing this and we feel like kristen stewart has her place in hollywood, but someone like rachel mcadams (or basically any other actress) may have been a more believeable casting choice as a snow white in comparsion to ms. theron. that's just my opinion though.
-just barely pulling out a banana to eat from my work bag and finding this slimy stuff all over it. i couldn't find anything in my bag that would have left sliminess on it and i'm pretty sure bananas don't secrete slime, right...? ...okay. now after writing that, i don't think i feel like eating this banana anymore.
-my sneeze. i hate it. i feel like i sound like some kind of animal dying when i sneeze. i know, i know....SO attractive.

-after work, i'm going to get my books for next semester. i am so grateful that our bookstore allows you to rent your textbooks now. renting has cut the cost of books for me to about a fourth of what i have paid in previous years. most i paid for five textbooks in one semester: $650. ooof. what i'll pay for renting 5 textbooks: $160. much better.
-my former amazing second counselor, brittany, is getting married today!! i am sad to lose her in our ward, but i am so happy for her!! she is going to be such a beautiful bride and i'm excited to help at her reception tonight! (i do love the new second counselor just as much as i love brittany! it is so humbling to get to know and work with these completely amazing women.)
-my new years resolutions. i keep saying this, but i'm excited about this year and i feel like i have a pretty good plan set in place for each of these goals. yay for making dreams come true!
-wearing a cute and comfortable outfit to work AND not even having to retouch my hair this morning. it still looked great. i love it when i can pull off second day curls.
-speaking of hair, this tutorial looks awesome! can't wait to try it!
-it's thursday, which means tomorrow is friday! and i don't have to work tomorrow-yes!!
-did i mention i'm going to california for spring break? oh, i did? well, it's still awesome :)


  1. ha, too funny. i love the things that the brain thinks of when we are in this loopy trying to sleep mode. oh, i would love to hear this dying animalistic sneeze that you have going on, ha
    xo TJ

  2. what a great post!! these pics are hilairous!!

  3. The list is awesome! I understand what you mean about the movie but I kinda loved it too. I wish I could rent textbooks here! They can definitely get very pricey! Rock the cute! Maybe some more single guys will notice you he he :D


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