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I feel that sometimes in life, we all need a lot of support and kindness and encouragement. I know that things will be fine and I feel very at peace, but it still doesn't take away the roller-coaster of emotions. This week has been really rough in many ways and I wanted to simply just say how grateful I am for my family. I'm grateful that I have a family that are sometimes the only ones I feel I can turn to for comfort and help. They are always so willing to drop anything to love me and help me through anything I'm going through. On Wednesday, I teared up and cried at some point in all of my classes despite my efforts of trying to feel happier by going to The Sweet Tooth Fairy and getting myself a black and white cookie (my favorite) during my little break. I couldn't find any song to listen to to make me smile or cheer me up the entire day (which is when I know something is wrong with me) and I ended up sobbing on my drive home from school. I walked in my house and my mom had made my most favorite dinner, then I had a nice meeting with my Bishop (who has become almost like a second father to me) and I'm grateful for the unwavering kindness and confidence he shows me constantly. When I came home, my parents and siblings all made efforts to buoy me up. Thomas talked with me about Gordon Hayward and sent me emails (from one room away) of funny pictures. Hope and I ate chips and salsa and we laughed about things people say at school. And as usual, my parents were the listening ears I so desperately needed. At the end of the night, we read our scriptures and prayed together and in that moment, I felt very grateful for their love and support. It all seems so silly, but the kindness and love I felt from them this week is what is keeping me going. I don't know what I would do without them.

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  1. Your family sounds wonderful. It's true--we all need a little extra kindness. It's so easy to give, but we forget. I'm so guilty of that; thanks for the reminder.


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