2012: the best is yet to come.

I taught Relief Society today and I talked about goal setting and incorporated President Uchtdorf's "Forget-Me-Not" talk. I loved the discussions we had about goals and hearing what the girls had to contribute. It was a great way to start the New Year for me--to hear what the girls had to say about goals and their stories of successes and self improvement. Comments are always the best part of the lessons for me. We first talked about setting goals that are SMART (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Sensitive) and then I felt like it was appropriate to use the five "Forget-Me-Nots" in the talk by President Uchtdorf to help each of us remember the things that are most important in this journey in life. It's important to be patient with yourself, to make good sacrifices-not foolish sacrifices, to remember to be happy NOW, realize the"why" of the Gospel, and remember that the Lord loves each of us infinitely. I know when we include Him in our goals, we are more likely to reach them and get more out of this life than we could by ourselves. To sum it up, we basically talked about the point of goals--to BETTER yourself. Not to make yourself feel bad or to beat yourself up if you don't accomplish them. So much of accomplishing a goal is not in the endpoint, but in the journey itself. 

Holly and I were texting a few nights ago and she said something like, "I feel like this upcoming year is YOUR year." I didn't really understand what she meant at first, but I think I get it more now. Except...I think every year is MY year. And YOUR year. It's what you make of it, and it's wonderful that we have another year to simply live and have the chance to do something great.  

I have three major resolutions for this year with a few short term goals attached to each of them. These may or may not be posted later this week, but for now, I look at this 3x5 card with my goals taped on my wall and I really do feel like great things are coming my way.

 I'm feeling like this IS my year.

In these meaningful pursuits of mine, the best is yet to come, folks. 
"And won't it be fiiiine?"
Just you wait and see. 
Happy 2012.


  1. I think 2012 is going to be MY year too :D I am going to make it my own year!

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a very ambitious 2012! Hope it brings you many good things! :)

  3. i love your positive spirit, girl. may you be blessed in this whole entire year.



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