Yesterday {During My Lunch Break at Work}

In the dream I had last night, I was downtown trying to catch the Joker and Batman who were working together to steal money from Zion's Bank. I was running through the streets and trying to find them with Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey. We were in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building trying to crack a safe when all of the sudden my manager called me and said, "Are you coming into work today?" And that's when I woke up and realized I had twenty minutes to get ready and leave for work if I wanted to be on time today.

Apparently I have watched too much White Collar lately. I don't know why the Joker and Batman were working together. Weird.

Don't worry, I made it to work on time. And as I walked into the building, I'm not sure how, but I managed to spill my water bottle all over myself while I was talking to the only single guy on my floor. That's the second time I've looked like a complete idiot in front of him. Maybe he'll think my clumsiness is endearing? I'm not counting on it though.

And now you get to see pictures of me:

These are my "Yes-I'm-fully-aware-that-my-hair-looks-like-a-frizzy-Hermione-do" and "I-am-pulling-my-tired-awkward-look" faces.

PS: Oh and guess what? I didn't check my email for an hour and I guess we were able to leave work a half hour early...except I didn't know that and left at the regular time. I'm a great employee! 

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  1. ha ha! Love it! I always have random dreams! Sometimes you've just got to roll with life :D


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