{Me, Jessi, and Kelsey: Utah vs. Colorado, 11/25/11}

 It's such a blessing to live in a wonderful community. We have such great neighbors.
 Yesterday, northern Utah had some crazy wind storms going on (where I live... 102 MPH wind...same as a Category 2 Hurricane) and it was eerie when I drove home from school yesterday. So much has been destroyed (damage has been estimated to be about $1,000,000 and that's just in my city). Semi trucks blown over, hundreds of trees were completely uprooted, shingles and signs blown away, power lines down, cars crushed by trees, etc. Complete Mayhem! (shaky, shaky!) I felt like I was in a Spielberg film when I exited the freeway and started to make my way home. Our power had been out all day from the time I left for work around 6 am (literally, it went out right after I left for work) and I came home to change into a few layers to stay warm and go out to help my dad with our 50 foot spruce that had been uprooted, crushed our fence and luckily didn't hit into the house behind us. I had only been outside for five minutes helping when a group of teens in our neighborhood came to help us haul branches. They had been helping with houses throughout our neighborhood and it was amazing to see how enthusiastic they were.They didn't stay for long, because it was pitch black outside by 6 pm, but we were grateful for the help they provided for fifteen minutes. After they left, Thomas and I walked around our neighborhood with flashlights to look for debris to move out of the roads and sidewalks and anything we could quickly clean up. I felt like I was in the mountains because it was so dark and the sky was so clear and beautiful. In that moment, I felt so grateful for my family, the community where we live, modern conveniences, wonderful associations and friends, a home to live in. It's in these scary moments that you realize how important it is to have a support system of family and friends. That's all that truly matters in life.

I stood in line at Cafe Rio for almost forty five minutes to get some dinner for our family (no light, no stove, no microwave, food spoiled in the fridge, etc). We realized yesterday that we need to do more to be prepared for things like this aka more food storage options and buy battery powered...everything. When I came home around 8 pm, our power was back on. I never felt more grateful for Rocky Mountain Power than I did in that moment. Things will get back to normal soon, but it sure was weird to see so many trees down or missing this morning as I drove to work. Hopefully, a lot of clean-up and repair can happen before the snowstorm today. Thanks for all of the thoughtful texts and phone calls to make sure we were okay! 

Things that made me happy this week

1. Holly's Birthday.
I seriously love celebrating people's birthdays and making them feel special.

2. Pictures. I love that we have the ability to capture moments and have them forever. I love the pictures I have with family and friends (like the one above). It's something that I've never really thought about until this week. It's a blessing to have pictures of our lives. (Yes, even the crazy, ugly face ones...most of the time.)

3. Oranges and clementines. Mmmm. Don't you think they taste the absolute best at this time of year?

4. 99% on my Speech Anatomy and Physiology Test....remember how I was freaking out about it? Yeah, I was super blessed on that test.

5. Neal Caffrey. ;)

6. Finishing that dang Language Science Project. Jessi and I just sat in class yesterday in a daze. Working on that has not been too fun. Hopefully as I keep progressing and learning in this field, it doesn't take me 20+ hours to transcribe and analyze every single detail a 100-utterance language sample.

7. Going to Festival of the Trees with friends tonight (pictures to come!)

8. I only have two more lectures of each of my classes next week.
This semester has really flown by!

9. A new rice bag! I have been needing one for a long time, but I have been too lazy/it always slips my mind that I could just make one or buy one. Thanks, Mom!

10. This song:

What made you happy this week?

PS: Another thing that made me happy? A giveaway on classy Stephanie's blog :) Her giveaways are something you don't want to miss...she is very generous!
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  1. yikes! that's scary! i heard they were bad but i didn't know they were pushing over semis! that's some strong wind. Glad to know you were safe. and hey, you got some cafe rio! :)



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