Things that made me happy {yesterday}

I could write about the whole week, but that would simply take too long. Here's what made me happy yesterday:

1. Sleeping in. This is something I don't do very often and it has been nice to get a few extra winks the past few days.

2. Getting ready for the day. I have said this before, but I LOVE getting ready for the day. I find it really relaxing to wash my face, do my hair, put on some makeup, pick out an outfit, etc. (Unless I'm running super late). Speaking of getting ready, guess what I did yesterday? I wore my contacts for the first time since...well...a week after this post. Oops. And it only took me a minute or two to put them in!!! Maybe I'll be better about wearing them now!

3. Remember how I won one of Steph's giveaways? She is such a sweetheart and left a cute gift bag on my porch yesterday BUT I was cleaning our basement, couldn't hear anything, and I didn't get a chance to see her! It was such a fun surprise though and this smells divine. I'm telling ya, you better follow her blog and enter her giveaways because you will never regret it! Thanks a million, Steph!

4. Thursday night, I spent hours deep cleaning and organizing my room. I was getting really frustrated though, because I don't really have enough storage in my room and I've outgrown the dresser I have had since I was 4 years old. So my mom and I took a little trip out to Ikea to invest in this:
I thought it was the most practical option and something I can use when I'm married and even maybe when I have kids! It looks so great in my room! Thank you so much!!!

5. I have an incredible dad and brother who work so hard. My dad literally knows how to do anything and fix anything. So now, he is teaching my brother all of the handy skills he needs. I love watching them work together and it is such a blessing to have such a wonderful dad and brother. (Thank you so much for building the dresser, Dad!)

6. While my mom and I were driving out to Ikea, it was fun to talk about school, friends, our family, etc.  I love my family!!

7. Two ladies at Ikea told me I looked like Kate Middleton. Best. Compliment. Ever. (I wish I actually did look like Kate!!)

8. Wearing my red peacoat. How I love that coat! 

9. When we were standing in line to checkout (which literally was a half hour long line), we talked to the sweetest older couple. They are now one more reason I love Ikea. It was amazing to hear their stories about living in Thailand and New Guinea for the man's job, their grandson who is a surgeon and went to University of Iowa (#1 in the country for speech pathology and grad school potential for me...shoot for the moon, right?), and a bunch of other random things. It was neat to hear their perspective on life and their experiences. The man kept telling me, "Don't fall in love now. Don't you go falling in love with anyone for a few years. You have too many things to do with your life right now!" It was too great.

10. After dinner, my sister and I began to work on a blasted 1000 piece puzzle. After watching Inception and a LOTR movie (approximately 5 hours later), we still didn't have the edges done. What in the world. I hate that puzzle. But it was funny to laugh about it. And watch movies and be with my siblings. 

What made you happy yesterday/this week?

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