Shopping at the Gateway Mall

'Twas a few days before Christmas and all through the town,
people were bustling and scurrying to stores all around
Holly in her puffy coat and I in my knitted headband
were out on an adventure in Gateway Mall land

With peppermint hot chocolate and hot apple cider in hand
we laughed about a very terrible bagpipe band
Admiring the trees and the lights colorful and bright
we agreed it was a very cold, but beautiful night.

We ventured into Old Navy to look for a deal
And we snatched up these slippers...oh what a steal!
We looked at the thermals and a very handsome shirt,
I bought sparkly tights that I'm wearing right now with a skirt!

To the check out stand, we made it with our goods
And Holly gave a coupon to a man in line, wearing a hood
Spreading Christmas cheer was a nice thing to do
and we left the store feeling as kind as Cindy-Lou-Who

I told her about a work luncheon and she laughed at the story
Then we saw Bath and Body Works in all its glory
We walked around and purchased many delicious smelling things
Of course we used a coupon and saved some money-cha ching!

At this point, we had bought the same lotion and lip gloss
We also have the same two pairs of shoes-we didn't find them at Ross!
We delighted in browsing at American Eagle
and we discussed the new Hobbit movie, not Smeagol.

Holly showed me her favorite jeans and I wanted red pants
But I decided I couldn't pull them off, just like I can't dance
We said to each other how in high school we had to buy
cool clothes from AE and the prices were sometimes too high

I said, To Anthropologie, we must go
and escape from these flurries of snow
We awed over clothes and perfumes and dishes
We coveted those who could shop here and made little wishes

That one day we would be able to actually buy things from this store
And then we unwillingly left the beautiful place and walked out the door
Up the creaky escalator we started to climb
We walked past the food court, but didn't spend a dime

We were greeted by shirtless men at the Hollister door
and we said, "Though they're quite crazy, those boys we do adore!"
We actually didn't say that and made fun of them instead
And then I said, I'm tired and I might fall over dead.

Back to the parking garage we made it in time
to find our cars and now I can start to end this silly rhyme
We parted ways, but agreed we had fun
And I'm glad that to the mall we made a run

It's always fun to spend time with Holly
We laugh and talk, it's always so jolly
This time of year is magical and especially great
so don't leave your Christmas shopping til it's too late!

At this time of year, I hope you've been able to enjoy and admire
all of the beautiful lights and the music of the MoTab Choir
Spend time with family and friends to your heart's content
and do fun activities until your energy is spent!

So finally... this cheesy poem, I really will end
But to you, one final wish I want to send:
"A very very Merry Christmas to you
and enjoy the upcoming New Year, too!"


  1. You are so cute, Catherine. This post was adorable. Also, I miss you, and I hope you're enjoying your christmas break!

  2. cute. i love this poem. and i love you!


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