Finals Week: Fall 2011 Semester

If you are thirsty, drink Smart Water. Because it will make you instantly smarter. That's just a fact of life.

If you want a meal that will keep you energized and keep you completely full from lunch until breakfast the next day (honestly), go with a Chipotle burrito. Never fails.

If you want a great snack that you won't feel guilty about, go with clementines/tangerines/oranges.

If you have a cold, take some medicine. I can't guarantee that your face won't look puffy like mine, but it's better than being completely miserable.

If you forget your earphones to listen to lecture recordings, ask Holly...or your best friend...to borrow his/her earphones. She was a life saver.

If you actually want to get some good quality studying done, go to the quiet zones of the library. I was on the first floor of the library and I really felt so productive for three hours. Until Holly and I started laughing about pictures like this:

{from that dreaded night of "Catch A Cougar"}

And taking pictures like this:

If you want more forms of procrastination, pick three of the following: make playlists on Spotify, match up all of the socks in your sock drawer, listen to my two of my celeb crushes sing {here} and {here}, then proceed to look at all of the pictures of both of them on IMDB (maybe you've noticed I have a thing for Ryan's and Matt's...no worries), read 5 People Magazines cover to cover at your grandma's house, watch White Collar episodes on Netflix while cleaning your room, make peppermint and hot fudge shakes, go through your closet and see what you could give away, brush and floss your teeth, be the chauffer for your siblings, and of course, get on Pinterest (even better than Facebook). I think if you did all of that, it will improve your procrastination strategies for at least one day (if not more).

If you are in doubt, the third molars are indeed your wisdom teeth. But don't forget that the small, scroll-like bones that increase the area of your nose are the nasal concha*.

If you need support (and the best cookies), it seems to always show up in abundance. So grateful for my wonderful friends and family!!! Thanks!!

If you need two more songs to motivate you (and get stuck in your head), go with Florence + The Machine's "You Got The Love" and "Shake It Out".

If you have a huge gaps between finals, the best thing you can do is go to Little America and get breakfast and the best hot chocolate in the world with your friends. After that, you should walk up to the second floor, sit on the most comfortable couch in the world, and study for three hours. Best study spot ever.

If you are done with finals, let out a big exclamation of joy and sing along as loud as you can to this song. That's what I did...and there's nothing wrong with that.

No better feeling than walking out of your last final.

4800 (give or take) hours of classes, 13 homework assignments, 15 recordings of  Dr. Roy's lectures, 4 notebooks, 4 textbooks, 10 in class assignments, 15 exams, 1 (killer) two part language science project with two papers, 1 application paper, and 3 extra credit opportunities.

One semester.

 It's been real, Fall 2011.

¡Adios, amigo/enemigo*!

*I forgot about the nasal concha, I put the anterior nasal spine. Idiot.
*Just kidding about the enemigo. I loved this semester...."I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE"...., but it's so nice to be done :)


  1. well, although our schools are rivals I will agree that chipotle burritos are the bomb diggity! :)


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