Don't Worry Baby

1. Festival of the Trees was really fun on Friday night! I saw some amazing trees and I was able to see the cute, elaborate tree for Allie's mom. It was a beautiful tribute to her and her family. After making our way through the trees, Holly was entranced by the River Dancers while we looked at the gingerbread houses and they were insanely cool!! The details and work that some people put into these were crazy...others we joked that we could have made them ourselves. This is the Madagascar one...of course, I had to take a picture of it! Yes, the one in the background is the Capitol building made out of molding chocolate. Crazy, huh?
2. Thomas' Sparkly New Reading Glasses!! Isn't he darling? Maybe not in this picture, but he's hilarious. After Jerry's funeral on Saturday, we stopped to have lunch at Little America. My whole family ordered breakfast except for me, but I was able to have the hot chocolate that came free with my dad's breakfast. Hope described it as "the hot chocolate on The Polar Express". I think she's exactly right. Mmm delicious lunch and a fun time with my family!
3. This was all my doing in our basement! I think it looks pretty cute, even if it is just a mish-mash of our sentimental ornaments and childhood ornaments. I love having two trees in our house!!
4. This treasured door mat from my decorating days at the dorms my freshman year was not blown away in the windstorms!
5. Yes, you read right. Windstorms! More windstorms came our way after Thursday. They weren't 102 MPH winds, but they were pretty strong. What you see is "Wilson Wind & Weather Watch". He was frozen, just sitting on the couch and looking out the window for most of the weekend. 
6. Homework by lantern light? No big deal. But...I was super relieved when the power came back on last night.

Six hours later, I had polished and reworked everything on my two papers to what I hope is Hearing Science perfection.

 This is the point where I threw (I mean...gently set down) my book and papers off my desk and watched this clip, then listened to The Beach Boys and daydreamed about warm places while I got ready for bed.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

How was your weekend?

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  1. i LOVE gingerbread art! it's always so creative and beautiful.
    once again, you are my hero for majoring in hearing science.
    what a great field.


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