The other night, I came home from getting my haircut and I picked up my dog like a baby...because that's just what normal is...and I walked into the bathroom to see how short my hair was (folks, the most I could do was only 2-3" this time...). He looked into the mirror at himself and he froze, completely rigid. His ears perked up and he just stared himself down. All of the sudden he jumped out of my arms and ran all over the house as fast as he could for about five minutes. Who knew our dog was Eisoptrophobic? After dinner, I trudged downstairs to my room to finish my project. While I was out of my room to get some water, he came into my room and I found him hiding under my desk...his eyes wide and a look of fear on his face. 

{remember how i have an old samsung phone with no instagram capabilities? oh yeah, me too}

I reassured him that he was okay and let him hang out under the desk. Soon, he began to pace around my chair, sniffing and snorting loudly. Then he suddenly jumped up on to my lap while I was furiously typing to finish the dreaded language science project.

So of course, I seized the moment and made this an "oh-so-precious" Photobooth moment with Wilson.

Then Thomas joined in on the fun....

All I really have left to say is...

Dear Wilson,
You are sometimes a weirdo. But I love you.
Paws and Kisses,


  1. Aw cute!!! My dog is also a weirdo, but that's precisely why I love him so much :] I think they would be amazing friends.


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