True or False: I had a great Thanksgiving Break.


I was able to get some much needed rest, eat good food, sleep some more,  go to Black Friday for the first and LAST time (oh boy...that was quite an adventure with Hope), go to the depressing end of the Utah Football season (here's hoping we play better in a bowl game during the holiday season), see "The Muppets" with Hope and Thomas (HILARIOUS! Go see it. Best movie I've seen in a while, seriously.), do a lot of yard work, do a lot of things for church, put up the Christmas trees, and watch almost the entire first season of White Collar...a new favorite show? Definite yes. (oops...blame it on the snares of Netflix and the charming Matt Bomer*).

Thanksgiving dinner was fabulous. I love when we go around the table and talk about what we are thankful for before we say the prayer and eat the food. It is honestly the best part of Thanksgiving. After we ate, it was really fun to play games and talk up until my mom told my family and my neighbors at our house that I do a killer Arnold Schwarzenegger impression and Animal Muppet impression. Stupid human tricks. In those times, it's best to just remove myself from the situation and avoid performing, which is what I did.

Oh Black Friday. I can't even imagine what would have happened if we had gone to Wal-Mart. It makes me cringe. I still don't even know why we went, but Hope and I braved it for the first and last time this year. I could tell you about the lady with the baton to keep people out of "restricted areas at Target". Or I could tell you about the lady that stood behind us for an hour and a half at Target only to buy tweezers and a DVD about horses. Or I could tell you about how Hope was absentmindedly moving everyone's stuff around on the checkout conveyer belt. Or I could tell you about the deals that don't really exist when you get there, so I just went online and bought everything I actually wanted and found much better deals when we finally got home at 2:30 a.m.

The Utah game on Friday? Well, let's just say I left at the beginning of the fourth quarter due to the lack of Utah offense and defense... and the lack of warmth. I even ran up the hill to my car. Yes, I was bundled in a bunch of jackets and coats and layers, but I ran as fast as I could  from the stadium to the institute to try to get warm. (I'm aware I probably looked like the Michelin Man (or a total freak...probably both) doing this...and it didn't even help me get warm). When I came home, I saw the very end of the game. Let's just say Coleman Peterson isn't the most liked guy on campus right now...which is sad for him and it's sad to me that he ended on that note after a great season. I ate some leftovers and then I took Hope and Thomas to The Muppets. Much to my surprise, we laughed hysterically through most of it. I really enjoyed it.

The rest of the weekend was consumed with leftovers, yard work, church, White Collar and sleeping.

Thanksgiving Break was just really awesome and I'm hoping these next two weeks go by quick...because yesterday, I wasn't quite ready to settle back into the real world and start prepping for finals. 

December 15th...come quick!

*watch this video and you honestly don't even need to know anything else about matt bomer. he just exudes charm.*

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