"Oh wow, you guys look great!...Merry Christmas!"-My dad.

{Halloween 2010...Sadly, we didn't get very many pictures this year and I haven't uploaded them yet anyway.}

Kids: "Trick or Treat!"
Dad: "Oh wow, you guys look great! (hands out candy)...Merry Christmas!"

Oh dear, Dad. I think you need to get more sleep. 

He was totally serious and didn't even think twice about the fact that he said, "Merry Christmas!" to our trick or treaters last night until we all burst out laughing after he shut the door. 

However, snow is here and it's brought with it the best time of year! 

Pull out your Thanksgiving decorations and crank up the Christmas music!

I am just clinging to daydreams and thoughts of Thanksgiving Break...and soon after, Christmas Break!

But for now, I have to study for my Hearing Science test tomorrow. 

It may be the best time of year, but it's also the most stressful time of year.  

Good luck to my fellow college students. We can make it!


  1. He's just trying to be ahead of the game! In my opinion, it's never too early for Christmas! :) Hehe!


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