Messages From Heaven

I know that The Book of Mormon is true and the things written on its pages happened. Jesus Christ lives! He visited the people of the Americas as a resurrected being and taught them. The Book of Mormon is this incredible witness to me that God knows me personally and loves me. I have always know it was true, but it wasn't until this challenge from President Hinckley that I took it upon myself to really find out and gain that witness. Ninth-grade Catherine needed this challenge more than anything at this time in her life. I look back at that time and I am grateful that I accepted that challenge to strengthen my testimony and increase my knowledge of The Book of Mormon. Sometimes, I was really sleepy at nights and could only read a chapter, but I finished on December 23, 2005 (Joseph Smith's 200th Birthday) after going to see this movie about his life. I knew that night as I know now that this is another testament of Jesus Christ and its pages contain words from God. I know it to be true and I love this book more than anything else!

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