Knots in My Stomach.

Oh boy.
If I wasn't already too busy, just wait until next semester.
I have 18 credits as of right now on my schedule.
Combine that with a 20 hour work week and the church calling.

I'm considering dropping Human Development though because I don't need it for my major
(and for the sake of my sanity).
Maybe I'll take it in the summer...along with a GRE prep class.
Yeah that's right.
The GRE.
Am I really old enough to already be doing all of this!?

3 of those 18 15 credits will be Independent Study.
Better known as research...WHICH I am completely excited about! I am heading up a study and maybe I'll talk more about it later, but it will be awesome to get to design my own protocol and participate in some research. (and it will be great for those grad school applications.)

I called to tell my dad about it all yesterday morning. I told him everything my professor said and what we talked about--my long term goals (grad school at University of Utah, University of Washington, perhaps BYU, and a few others), my interests in this field (more of the medical side of things with an emphasis in pediatrics...as of right now), etc. I was pretty much thrilled about my day yesterday.

Then last night, my dad said to me, "I was really sad about something you told me today."

What could he possibly be sad about? I got a 95% on one of my tests and I'm going to be heading up a great research project next semester!

"What's that, Dad?"
"You said you were thinking about going to University of Washington for grad school."

It makes me tear up a bit just typing those words,
even though they don't convey the emotion in my dad's voice.

Isn't it weird to think that by this time next year,
I will have already applied for graduation and applied for grad schools?

I could let that really stress me out...and it is stressful in a lot of ways. I feel knots in my stomach when I think about trying to get into these highly competitive programs, but in the back of my mind, I know I can rest assured. I know I am trying my hardest and doing my best in my classes and everything else in life. When you put that effort forward, things fall into place as they should.

Growing up...sigh.
It's so fun...but...it's so {adjective}.

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  1. Hey Catherine I hope you don't mind that I'm a follower of yours :) ha but what GRE prep class are you taking and do you just plan on taking the GRE at the end of the summer?


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