Knots in my Stomach. STILL.

{During a study break last night}

Today I have my third exam in Speech and Hearing Anatomy and Physiology...and I feel really unprepared.
I keep going over diagrams and reading sections in the book and rereading our notes, but I still feel so nervous!
(Mainly because in the classes in my major, everything hinges on test scores alone...no fluffy homework assignments or projects to cushion your grade!)

I've also been listening to the lectures. I sit on the very front row in the middle seat and I record every single lecture, which has proved to be helpful in filling in what I miss when I'm feverishly trying to write every single word down.
That is the beauty of technology.

I think these recordings have also confirmed my old man crush on my professor. 
I giggle and laugh A LOT in that class. 
At least I'm finding joy in it all, right? :)


  1. good luck! i'm sure you'll do great!
    and i giggle and laugh WAAYY too much when i have a cute old professor also
    it totally means you're enjoying it

  2. reading this made me go right back to the stress i used to feel in school. it is the worst. and recording the lectures is genius!


Thanks for making my day!

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