Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. -J.K. Rowling

November always makes me think of Harry Potter. 

Over the past ten years, I have accumulated such fond memories of the excitement building up to Thanksgiving as well as the promise of seeing the latest Harry Potter movie with my family over Thanksgiving Break. 

So when I watched this video today, I cried a little bit. It was just too much.

I'm still not really coping with the fact that it's over. {see this post}

So to try to compensate, I have been watching the movies, finding great HP Pins on Pinterest, and listening to the soundtracks on Spotify (new favorite thing). I'm thinking I will reread the books over my Christmas Break. And have a movie marathon. Maybe all of the above...every single day of Christmas Break. Sound too extreme? Nah.

Simply put, J.K. Rowling has the most brilliant imagination to ever exist and Harry Potter will always be one of my most favorite things. 


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