the day i wore plaid to work.

today i'm wearing my ruffled red plaid shirt {mainly because it smelled so good and felt so warm this cold morning} with my trusty black pencil skirt, black mist tights, and black wedges.my hair is piled in a bun high on my head and i'm wearing my big ole diamond earrings.

the black keys//band of horses are my artists of choice today.

i love the dream of a home of my own to decorate. craftsman style, subway tile in the bathrooms, a big mirror in the entry, dark wood floors, striped/chevron/moroccan patterns, pendant lights, cream cabinets, neutrals all over. ahhh i could go on and on.

i don't think i've ever consumed more soup in my life than i have this month. 
okay, lie. but still, it's all that ever sounds good and goodness, it's so good.

this week has the promise of something great in the air. i'm not sure what. even if it's just a wonderful thanksgiving dinner and a utah win, i'll be more than happy. 

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  1. yay :) glad to hear you're having a good week!


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