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Things that made me happy 
this week

1. The fact that it is the weekend. And Thanksgiving Break is next week! Yay for holidays and delicious food and the last football game of the season and sleeping in and being with family!
2. Second-day curls. Yessssss!
3. Getting cinnamon roasted pecans (fave) from the bookstore and visiting Holly in the library after my test was over yesterday. I always love seeing her on campus and getting to laugh with her.
4. The feeling of calm while you are taking a test. We all know how stressed I have been this week (Knots in My Stomach Part 1 and 2) and I almost threw up yesterday before my test. I was seriously freaking out and worrying about a lot of things that should not have been on my mind. But when I got into the test, I felt so calm and peaceful. I knew everything and I'm hoping I did well on this test. I know for a fact I missed 2 points, but I can't worry about that now. I know I did my best.
5. Going along with that feeling of calm, I love the feeling of knowing that you are in the right place in your life. I know without a doubt that no matter how hard it will be to get into grad school and all of the other stressors of finishing this degree,  it's what I'm supposed to do. I'm so thrilled that I have found something that I know I will still enjoy forty years from now.
6. Fall colors. Even though winter is fast approaching now, I have loved these late autumn colors. Rich oranges, browns, reds and yellows. I love crunching through leaves on my way to class or in my neighborhood.
7. My black pants. I am in love with my dressy black pants. I don't know why I didn't discover this until this past month, but these pants are probably the most comfortable pants I have ever worn.
8. Even if Tuesday night was really stressful and crazy for me, I love getting to know people in my ward and forming sincere relationships with them. Hands down, the best thing about my calling is getting to know the sisters in my ward. We have some really incredible girls in our ward and I'm grateful for the things they each teach me on a regular basis {love, compassion, hard work, friendship, patience, perseverance, faith, etc.}. I am just humbled and in awe. Always.
9. Conversations after class with Jessi. Love that girl.
10. A Priesthood Blessing from my Dad. I think that was the main reason for the calm and peaceful feelings amid the craziness this week. Love my family and this Gospel SO much!

What were some things that made 
you happy this week?

PS: I thought I might share with you one of my all time favorite songs {which is probably one out of one hundred favorite songs}. I discovered it my first year of college and I honestly don't think it could ever get old. It always makes me happy.


  1. I'm glad your tests are over! You rocked them. You know it:) Just thought I'd tell you that I have watched Sabrina about 100 times. I love it.

  2. you're so great. i love reading your blog. i admire your optimism SO much! i wish i still lived across the street so we could chill and your optimism would rub off on me!

  3. love everything about this and i really like that song!

  4. That photo is very pretty, very calm feel to it. I love second days curls and my clothes too =) Their is a giveaway on my blog I think you will really love, please pass by to enter.



  5. What an awesome picture, it makes me want to go ice skating, drink hot chocolate, and go holiday shopping! I'm happy your tests are over with and you're no longer stressing out as much! I'm also glad you found something you love. That is something that has made me happy this week...I really do love my grad program. I've found my happy place!

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