Bieber and Buble

What do Bieber and Buble have in common?

1. They both made me happy this week! I am LOVING both of their Christmas CDs. Christmas music is just the best, isn't it?! It's made me so happy when I drive to school and work in the mornings.

Oh JB, this song...just love it.

If MB weren't married, I would say he's a singin' this song to ME. Just sayin'.

This one is pretty great too. :)

2. I know I said yesterday that I wouldn't fantasize about Twilight anymore. Which is true. But I'm listening to the Breaking Dawn soundtrack right now. It's okay for me to still love and listen the soundtracks for the movies. They are generally great soundtracks. I end up loving almost every song except for probably two or three.

3. Carnation Breakfast Shakes and Protein Shakes.

4. This wasn't really during the past week...well, kinda. But last Saturday, my mom and I drove up to Layton Hills Mall to return some clothes to Macy's, then we had Zupa's for a late lunch/early dinner. It was fun to spend time with her.

5. Going to Paradise with Jessi on Monday for lunch. Their Black Diamond cookies are to DIE for. Love them. MMMM.

6. Amazing neighbors that bring by dinner when your family needs it. And not to mention, a good dinner. Chicken noodle soup, rolls, and cookies (yet again from Paradise). I think I'm on a salad-soup-sandwich-cookie kick right now.

7. Cinammon car air fresheners. Mmmm. Vanilla, cinnamon, and orange-y smells are probably my favorites.

8. Walking out of my test yesterday. It is a relief (at least for now) to know that I only have one more test next Thursday, two papers due the week before finals, and then finals week. Then I'll be done with this semester! 3 more to go! Can you believe that in a year from now I will have applied for graduation and grad school? What the weird, but way exciting too!

9. Last night was probably the first time in a while that all of my family has eaten dinner together. We always eat dinner together on Sundays, but during the weeks, it gets really crazy. It was fun to sit together and talk and laugh about dumb stuff like what Muppet character we would be and then doing impressions of those characters (my parents aren't the biggest fans of the Muppets...so we were doing this mainly just to bug them...but I think they thought it was funny.)

10. After we watched "Psych" and had some frozen hot chocolate, Hope introduced me to the show she's been watching for the past two weeks... "Once Upon A Time" and we were watching episodes last night together. I promise I'm not dumb, but I was really confused the whole time. And she was trying to explain it to me, but we ended up just laughing the entire time. It felt nice to just laugh.

Looks like food and music were the majority of what made me happy this week. Geez louise.
Hope you have had a good week! I know that my post yesterday was kind of depressing. Sorry about that. Despite having a hard week, I have found a lot of things to be happy about. I have great friends and family. And I know things will work out!

What were some things that made you happy this week?

PS: Today is a big day!!


  1. catherine. i'm so glad you've been listening to the biebs christmas album also. I don't feel as bad anymore. phew. maybe i should start listening to buble because that was a great song.
    love you!
    ps. you're getting married?! ;)

  2. i actually randomly looked at the clock at 11:11am today. crazy. made the same old wish!

  3. PYSCH!! Hubs and I LOOOVE that show!!


  4. I listened to the previews of The Bieb's album on iTunes and HATED it. But I've been listening to it on grooveshark this week (cause I have no money to buy music right now) and I all of a sudden love it. Kinda funny actually. And of course, always love Michael Buble. And I think food and music are wonderful things to make a person happy. :) hope you're having a great weekend! :


Thanks for making my day!

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