Always Extended

"We all face adversity. We all have temptations. We all have made mistakes. It is never too hard or too late to make correct choices. Repentance is one of those critical correct choices.
 President Dieter F. Uchtdorf has taught:
 'Small errors and minor drifts away from the doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring sorrowful consequences into our lives. It is therefore of critical importance that we become self-disciplined enough to make early and decisive corrections to get back on the right track and not wait or hope that errors will somehow correct themselves.
'The longer we delay corrective action, the larger the needed changes become, and the longer it takes to get back on the correct course—even to the point where a disaster might be looming.'
The Savior’s arms of mercy are always extended to each of us.When we sincerely and fully repent, we can be completely forgiven of our mistakes and the Savior will remember our sins no more."
-Elder Randall K. Bennett, "Choose Eternal Life"
{emphasis added} 

Did any of you listen to or go to the CES Fireside with President Boyd K. Packer on Sunday?
I loved his parable of "keeping your spiritual credit paid off" and hearing his testimony of our merciful Savior who is just and kind. I know my Savior, Jesus Christ, lives! He is my ultimate best friend!

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