"You are someone's reason to smile"

Lately, I have had tremendous trials and tremendous blessings. You may have figured this out by now, but it's really easy for us to get down at times and feel inadequate. We can receive the best news one day, but we may find that something can get us down the next day. I'm generally happy and I love to laugh. I hope I don't ever come off as or appear to be a "long face" or a "Debbie downer", but the only way I can describe what I've been going through as of late is that I feel like I'm alone. I don't think I'm lonely, but it's like this...alone...feeling...do you know what I mean? I feel as though I am trying my hardest to do all I can to do what's right, yet I see very little in return for the effort and sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it. I'm not asking for anything in return, but I want to know that what I offer is important and makes some difference. Plain and simple, I don't like this feeling of emptiness and loneliness that I seem to have even though I try to do the best I possibly can with what I've been given. Isn't it funny that as humans we can be surrounded by each other and still feel alone? One day, I hope to understand the psychology behind that...but that's beside the point and none of this is making sense. We had a truly fantastic lesson in Relief Society and I was sitting in a wonderful sacrament meeting (they always are wonderful), but I was still feeling empty. I had been filled to the brim spiritually, but something was still missing. After sacrament, I had some wonderful girls talk to me and share some nice words with me and I felt as though I could keep going for a little bit. After I came home from church, I was going through one of my church notebooks and I found this quote. It was exactly what I needed to remember: 

"Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you." -Harold B. Lee

Here are some other things I needed to remember today:

In short, I hope that no matter how I feel, the things I am doing bring a smile to at least one person's face...and most importantly, I hope I bring a smile to my Heavenly Father's face. I'm going to make an extra effort to remember these things and to smile more today and tomorrow and the next day and the next day....

You get the point.


  1. Oh my goodness. You just described my life as of late. I have totally been feeling the same things! (well, at least I think I have, if I understood your explanation.) But anyway, I truly think you are the most amazing and inspiring person. I consider myself busy, but I can't imagine being the RS president on top of work and school! Keep doing what you're doing. I know you bring a smile to Heavenly Father's face. You definitely bring a smile to my face a lot with your cute blog!


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