"Pack up all my cares and woes"

Sometimes in life, you go with your friend to buy a dozen cupcakes and she brings the candles and matches. You go find a park and sit on the curb and you laugh so hard in the darkness. You each make six wishes and blow out the candles while listening to "Bye, Bye Blackbird" (most random song choice...ever). 

Just because it's October 3rd and just because you want a little magic in your life.

PS: These pictures of Paul and Joanne just make me smile. Sometimes, I like to see the reaction on people's face when I tell people Paul is my grandpa. And sometimes I wish he was. Imagine...all of those salad dressing and spaghetti sauce royalties...

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  1. love love love that. It makes me want to do the same thing! simply because it's october 3rd, a tuesday, and i need magic in my life!


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