Mylo Xyloto Monday

This is me. 

Last night. 

Chillin in sweats, no makeup and the high bun. (Favorite hairstyle by far.)

Eating Breyer's Rocky Road ice cream. (The best of the Rocky Roads on the Rocky Road ice cream spectrum.)

 Listening to Mylo Xyloto. (I have liked everything I've heard. Good job, Coldplay. )

I was pretty happy. (I still am.)

Now it's Monday and a beautiful fall day, but I have to study for my huge Speech Anatomy and Physiology Test tomorrow. 


PS: Good quote  via Pinterest
Thanks for this reminder, Steve Jobs.

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  1. High buns are my favorite!! The second I get home I put my hair up in a high bun. I knew there was a reason we such good friends :] haha


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